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6 Lip Balms That Will Save Your Lips This Autumn

6 Lip Balms That Will Save Your Lips This Autumn

We’ve all suffered from chapped lips at some point from the cold weather coming in as autumn approaches us. Be ahead of the game this year and start preparing with these 6 lip balms that will save your lips this autumn

1. Evolution of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth, or better known as EOS, have had a place in my heart and in my handbag for a few years now and have made number one of this list because I don’t know now many times EOS has been there to save my lips, especially with the cold weather coming in with autumn. These little egg shaped beauty’s have a whole array of different amazing flavoured and scented lip balms but my personal favourite is sweet mint, although collecting all of the flavours does become addictive. Not only does it smell great, but also leaves your lips with a cool tingle as you apply it and feel the moisture seep back into your poor dry lips.


2. Balm Dotcom

Another lip balm that has been finding itself into my handbag a lot recently is Glossier’s Balm Dotcom. Although it is sold as a skin salve, it is most commonly used as a lip balm (and believe me when I tell you that it locks moisture into your lips for HOURS, even after you’ve eaten!) but it is also great for any dry and rough areas on your skin such as cuticles, dry elbows, or dry knees. These fun little tubes come in 7 flavours/scents: Original, mint, rose, coconut, cherry, birthday cake, and most recently mango.

3. Carmex Moisture Plus

Carmex is known for being a cheap menthol scented lifesaver at the best of times, and everyone has owned one of their yellow tubes at some point in their lives but surprisingly not everyone knows about their moisture plus range of lip balms. Unlike the rest of Carmex’s products, this balm has a lovely sheer tint to them, coming in shades berry, peach, or pink. Easy to apply and giving you moisture for days on end, these tinted balms will leave you with a natural, silky tinted finish of whatever shade chosen, making your lips look great all winter. 


4. Balm Standard

This is a company I found through the power of Instagram and I’m so glad that I did stumble upon them as they have been blessing my lips and my feed ever since. This California based company focuses on creating a completely organic lip balm that will keep the lips moisturised for hours on end with 7 fun flavours/scents: rose petal and mint, vanilla bean and blue chamomile, pineapple and coconut, coffee bean and maple, purely pomegranate, lemongrass and coconut milk, and blood orange and tangerine. However, they have also been known to release a rose wine flavoured balm during holiday seasons and it is lush! 

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5. Vaseline

Vaseline is the original multi purpose balm and despite having not bought a tin of Vaseline for years, every fall I always seem to have some lying around to save my poor chapped lips. Trusty and reliable, Vaseline is almost like a bowl of your mum’s homemade soup when you’re not well, it will always make you feel better and just has a simplicity that will always keep you grounded and going in the right direction. Wether it be original Vaseline, rose, cocoa butter or aloe vera flavoured, you know exactly what you’re getting with some good old fashioned Vaseline. 

6. The Body Shop Lip Juicer

Back in early 2018, The Body Shop launched their iconic Lip Juicers and everyone went mad for them. With their summer inspired smoothie flavours, not only will these crayon shaped vegan cuties keep your lips lovely and soft but will also leave a sheer tint depending on which one you use. They come in 5 flavours: coconut, passionfruit & carrot, acia, blueberry & ginger, strawberry, pomegranate & aloe, raspberry, beetroot & ginger, and kiwi, kale & watermelon. 


Will you be purchasing any of these lip balms for autumn or do you already own them? If so what is your favourite lip balm flavour? Let us know in the comments! 

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