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10 Lingerie Sets That Will Make You Feel Sexy Even During Quarantine

10 Lingerie Sets That Will Make You Feel Sexy Even During Quarantine

We know that every woman wants to feel both beautiful and sexy at the same time. 

But some may be afraid that they may not feel as beautiful or as sexy anymore like they used to be due to being stuck in this whole quarantine situation. 

However, we can definitely make that feeling existent again for all of us. 

It’s absolutely possible to make it all happen again. 

Don’t say it isn’t. 

But how exactly do we make that sexy feeling existent again in order for that feeling to stay there for us forever? 

Here are 10 lingerie sets that will make you feel sexy, even during quarantine. 

1. Satin Chemise Nightgown

Want to feel sexy during quarantine season, but don’t have the time, motivation, or energy to put on lingerie sets? No problem! Slip into iCollection’s playful soft night chemise. Cut on the bias for a beautiful drape that fits any shape. A pretty option for poolside lounging. Pairs well with our elegant kimono like wrap style. It has a luminous A-line silhouette with satin construction great for bathing and poolside, Adjustable straps, cut on the bias for a pretty flair and relaxed fit, Features beautiful V-shape open back, and the length hits the upper thigh, approximately 24″ long. With a woven texture and a pull over style, you will definitely feel and go back to your old self in no time at all. 

set 1

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set 1 look

2. The Bra and Panty Set: Polka Dot Edition

Sweating out a lot after working out in your home for a long period of time? Want to purchase lingerie sets that will make you feel both sexy and comfortable after a long day? Feeling like you can easily channel your inner polka dot personality? No problem – this set is perfect for you. Not only can you feel both sexy and comfortable in lingerie sets like these, but these are super comfortable after a long, tiring day. 

look 2

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3. Plaid Bra and Panty Set

Feeling a little more bold this time around? Are you currently shopping for lingerie sets and need to get a set with a pattern that you might actually enjoy wearing? No problem! This plaid set will definitely make you look all grown up. Everyone at any age wears plaid clothing, obviously. So no, you will not be dressing like you are 9 years old all over again. Not only will you look sexy and fashionable, but you will gain more confidence and comfort – and that is always something that every woman needs. 


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4. Lacy Garter Suit

Want to turn up the volume a notch? Want to feel even more sexier and more confident in yourself while shopping and/or wearing lingerie sets? I can gladly say that those problems can be solved with this next lingerie set. This may look uncomfortable and very difficult to put on at first (just by the presentation of it), yes, but once you put this difficult lingerie set on, you will look and feel like a queen, let alone a million bucks. 

outfit 4

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5.  Bralette and Thong Set

Need something cute and sexy to go to sleep with at night? Need something simplistic when you go on your next mall trip for lingerie sets? No problem! The best part of it all is that this lingerie set makes it so easy to mix and match very different patterns and colors. That definitely makes everyone’s lives a lot easier for those lazy days. Am I right or am I right? You pick and choose whatever you want, when you want it. No questions asked. 

outfit 5

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6. Robe and Nightgown Set

Feeling a little cold during quarantine season? Need some lingerie sets that will keep you warm? No problem! With this type of lingerie sets, you can still keep cool and still look sexy. Hey, you’re achieving two things at once! That’s pretty cool if I were to say so myself! You can either buy them separately or together, and you can mix and match or keep the outfit matchy-matchy galore. The possibilities are endless with this outfit combination. 

outfit 6

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7. Bustier and Skirt

Trying to look a little more girly this time around? Need more lingerie sets that are more womanly like? Well, look no further than this bustier top and mini skirt outfit combination. It will look like you might be wearing a dress at first (but news flash: you are not wearing a dress), but it is rather a top and skirt combo. It is like the regular top and skirt outfit combination, but with the volume turned up. Plus you can totally take this outfit out on a night on the town. That sounds so wonderful to me!

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outfit 7

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8. Lace Gown

If I can describe this outfit in a few words, it would totally be this: a 2020 prom look with the volume turned up to the maximum level. Let me tell you, your significant other will drop their jaw when they see this outfit on you. The high slit will make them have the urge to grab those legs of yours (because who doesn’t want to pick you up and carry you all the way to your bed?) and the top will want them screaming more. Those two criterion achieved and satisfied? Check and check. 

look 8

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9. The Garter Belt

Are you definitely feeling the sexual tension and heat with your man in your relationship? Want to dress like the women from the latest season of The Bachelor? Want to feel like 1999 Britney Spears in “Hit Me Baby One More Time”? No problem! This brand of lingerie sets will help you achieve the look of The Bachelor women in the comfort of your own home. Think of it like a fashion accessory. Perfect for you? Perfect for you. 

look 9

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10. The Bodysuit Look

This look is so diverse it is not even funny. You can either wear it alone or as part of an outfit. It is as simple as that. People like simple, and simple is as simple goes. 

look 10

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look 10 copy

Which one of these lingerie sets would you consider wearing? Sound off in the comments below!

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