Top 5 Limited Edition Starbucks Drinks

If you aren’t living under a rock and have tried coffee at least once, you’ll know that there are thousands of coffee brands and flavors. All are sold to satisfy you caffeine craving which could more or less be a good thing. Focusing on the booming Seattle-based coffee shop Starbucks, people have obsessively tried every limited-edition drink there is to date. Because there are so many, this list will only cover Top 5 Limited Edition Starbucks drinks which have been favored and shared nationally and elsewhere. Starbucks drinks may have been the most tested and imitated. If you have a favorite drink from this coffee shop or have heard of them, here is why they have become so universal in recent years. Products are trademarked as Starbucks originals.

1. S’mores Frappuccino®

As it debuted on April 2015, you would think that s’mores would solely be a past-time snack in the summer or winter. Because of the beloved s’mores, Starbucks had come up with the most brilliant summer drink yet. It was limited edition for quite some time, having been served originally in early 2015 and again in 2018. Going through reviews and statistics, there were mixed commentaries toward the drink. Perhaps, it was the sweetness of the chocolate syrup and marshmallow taste. Alas, the s’mores drink earned its spot back on the Starbucks menu as a seasonal promotion for summer. It is a no-brainer that if you don’t like chocolate nor marshmallows, this drink isn’t for you.

Top 5 Limited Edition Starbucks Drinks

2. Granita Refresher

Starbucks has been releasing all kinds of limited edition Frappuccino drinks. They also invented three variations of their much-needed refreshers. In June 2016, it was announced that summer-themed drinks such as the Granita. These drinks were available at the time, after 3 p.m. in three flavors: Starbucks Caramel Espresso Granita, Teavana Youthberry White Tea Granita, and Starbucks Strawberry Lemon Limeade Granita. Such drinks were inspired by Italian roots (maybe the Italian soda?). You have a nice cold fruit-infused milky drink topped with shaved ice. People have rushed to create their own homemade granitas, indulging in the sweet taste of an Italian summer.

Top 5 Limited Edition Starbucks Drinks

3. Unicorn Frappuccino®

Making its way into popularity on April 2017, the majestic unicorn Frappuccino had anyone’s prayers answered. Although this drink has the word unicorn upon it, it has no relation to the Harry Potter franchise or other magical instances whatsoever. This was probably the most viral Starbucks drink on YouTube, be it for 2017 or in general. As Starbucks contained its secret ingredients, fanatics pursued the internet for the truth. When all else failed, many people invented their own Unicorn Frappuccino drinks by changing the flavors or adding a hint of something here and there. This limited edition drink is without a doubt unforgettable.

Top 5 Limited Edition Starbucks Drinks

4. Gingerbread Latte

As a seasonal drink, this latte was noticed again in November 2018. If there is one thing Starbucks is good at, it’s pairing their drinks with seasonal themes and events accordingly. Starbucks was already serving eggnog and cold brew drinks for the pleasure of others. The Gingerbread Latte was served hot, and comforting enough to sip while reading a good book. This has become a personal favorite holiday drink, second to the Pumpkin Spice Latte. More homemade recipes scattered across the internet, giving others a chance to feel at home with this holiday favorite. When out and about, you can also feel joyful taking a sip while walking through the cold streets of winter.

Top 5 Limited Edition Starbucks Drinks

5. Cloud Macchiato

You may have seen Instagram photos of Ariana Grande wearing a green Starbucks apron. Initially, you think, ‘she works at Starbucks now?’. In March 2019, the singer had only done what she wanted which was add her name to the Starbucks wall of coffee. A typical Italian caffè macchiato sounds dull but is quite delicious. Add the name Ariana Grande with a clever title for the drink such as Cloud Macchiato, and you will have people flocking into the coffee shop to try this new sensation. Knowing that thousands of fans love Starbucks and Ariana herself, it was a clever idea to combine the two interests. On a side note, the drink order was readily in grande sized cups for a punny day at Starbucks.

Top 5 Limited Edition Starbucks Drinks

What do you like about Starbucks? Have you tried these limited edition drinks? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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