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5 Lighting Options That Will Be Sure To Make Your Dorm Room Exciting

When you are out and about shopping for your dorm room this summer, you should be sure to consider different lighting options that could make your dorm room more exciting! Whether you are looking for something simple that will just add a little life to the room or something colorful that will be sure to light up the otherwise plain space, you should know that any lighting option that you pick will definitely make your dorm room more lively! Here are some of our favorite lighting options that we promise won’t disappoint if you decide to take our advice and get them for next semester!

1. String Lights

String lights are magical and have the ability to make your otherwise uncomfortable dorm room more cozy and homey! You can drape your string lights from the ceiling or have them hang down the wall near your bed. Either way, they will add some life to your dorm room and will definitely make the space more welcoming and exciting! Everyone will love the lighting in your room and will want to copy you, so be prepared to tell them where you got your lights! We promise you won’t regret buying these!

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2. LED Lights

Talk about lit! LED lights definitely have the ability to light up your room and make it more thrilling. Anyone and everyone will be intrigued to stop by your room and see where the electric, neon colors are coming from so be prepared to have visitors! These lights are great if you want to chill and relax in your room or if you want to host a party of pregame of your very own! You are completely in charge and can change the color of the lights whenever you want with the simple click of the remote control. Line your ceiling with these lights and you will be sure to have the most exciting room on campus!

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3. Neon Light Signs

If you want something simple that you can hang up with the rest of your wall decorations or if you want something that can sit on your nightstand while still providing some nice lighting to the room, then neon light signs are the lights you need to buy! You can get any sign you want that has either a phrase or shape on it that you think fits best in your room. These signs are great additions to any room and will be sure to excite your guests when they walk in and see them shining from wherever you put them! You won’t regret this buy!

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4. Disco Lights

Who wants to party?! Disco lights are a great lighting option if you are the life of the party and want to spice up your room and make it as colorful as it can be! Have all your friends over, listen to some great music and plug in your disco ball so you can get the party started! People from all over campus will be talking about how lit your room is thanks to your very own disco ball that won’t fail to make your room very exciting!

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5. Lantern Lights

Last but not least, lantern lights are a cute, classy and artsy lighting option that is sure to make your room more intriguing! Everyone will love how put-together your room will look and how soft but nice the lighting is! Not only will your room be more exciting to be in, but it will be more cozy and comfortable as soon as you add some lantern lights to it!

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Which of these lighting options are you going to use this year to light up your dorm room? Let us know and comment below!

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