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50 Lifesaving Tips For Freshmen At Kent State

50 Lifesaving Tips For Freshmen At Kent State

The life of freshmen at Kent State can get pretty hard. It’s the first time you are truly on your own and you have so many responsibilities! Freshman year of college is great though, you learn so much about yourself and the way you live. Even though it’s only been one semester, here are some things I’ve picked up on!

1. Buy that expensive mattress pad.


2. Get your bedding on sale.

3. Plan for two sets of sheets.

4. Always pack at least two chargers.


5. Buy reusable containers for fruits and veggies.

6. Buy a reusable water bottle.

7. Buy a to-go coffee cup for the cold.

8. Get a comfy blanket.


9. Buy a huge parka.

10. Snowboots are a must!

11. So is a comfy hat.

12. Wool Socks!


13. Get a Netflix account.

14. Take advantage of Spotify student discounts.

15. Be mentally prepared to balance social life and school life.

16. Go to that frat party.

17. Give yourself a balance of work and pleasure.

18. Buy used textbooks.


19. Learn the PARTA routes, i.e. the one to get to target!

20. Don’t waste your money on groceries, use your meal plan.

21. Buy a USB drive to store old files.

22. Schedule your classes so that there are some breaks.

23. Don’t put all of your core classes on one day.

24. Find someone that has a car.

25. Explore all that Kent has to offer.

26. Buy the value sizes in soaps and q-tips.

27. Plan a monthly trip to Walmart to freshen up your supplies.


28. Buy liquid detergent, or make sure your pods are not only for cold water.

29. Schedule a day each week to do laundry and dishes.

30. Take a reusable tote bag to the store.

31. Get spiral notebooks, not all classes will use them.

32. Buy a portable mouse for your computer.

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33. If you forget your calculator, the math departments rents them out.

34. Use the writing commons.

35. There is $5 of free printing on your Flash card.

36. Honors college has free printing for Honors students, BYOP (Bring your own paper).

37. It is cheaper to print at the FedEx by Rockwell.

38. Also, the FedEx will ship things using your student discount.

39. Go and eat off campus sometimes.


40. Prentice has the best salad bar.

41. Eastway has the best pizza.

42. Prentice is the closest smoothie bar on campus.

43. Your meal plan works in the hub all day on Saturday and Sunday.

44. Don’t forget about Kent Market Two.

45. The 8th floor of the library is always quiet.

46. College goes by fast, so take every opportunity.


47. Go to sporting events.

48. Meet people to go to the gym with you.

49. When you’re in the mood for pizza, order late night Rosie’s.

50. Talk and make friends!


What are your favorite lifesaving tips for freshmen at Kent State? Comment below and share the article!
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