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20 Lifesaving Tips For Freshmen At Kent State University

20 Lifesaving Tips For Freshmen At Kent State University


Freshman year can bring so many emotions. Excitement, anxiety, fear, confusion – you name it. So here are 20 tips for freshmen at Kent State University that will help you start your year off with a bang. These are not in any kind of order but I wanted to mix in some helpful tips for class as well as getting ready for move in day, making friends and doing your best.

You will need basically everything.

Now I don’t mean that you will need every pair of heels you own in your dorm room. More of the basic necessities and not necessarily things back in your room at home. A great example would be first aid supplies. You know go to school with almost 40,000 + people. Eventually you will get sick or have a headache. My freshman year I swore my mom was making me over-pack, but as the semesters went by I found myself having everything I would need because she told me to bring it (so if your mom says you will need it grab it just in case, better you have it and not need it than need it and not have it).

Check out these Lifesaving Tips For Freshmen At Kent State University!


Be yourself.

In college no one knows what you did in high school or even who you were. So this is your fresh start. Be who you are, because I bet you’r pretty awesome. So be yourself and constantly love yourself.

Focus on yourself.

It is so easy to get caught up in other people, relationships, and well just about anything. Do things that benefit you. Take on opportunities that will have a great lasting effect on the future. Surround yourself with good, genuine, motivating people. If you choose to get in a relationship your first year, make sure it’s a healthy one (you two both have your priorities in check). Remember you got yourself here and you are going to go so far in life.

Step out of your comfort zone.

This is your chance, go for it.


Get involved.

There are over 200+ organizations on campus. Meaning there has to be at least one you are interested in. If not, start your own. Organizations are great and easy ways to make friends, fill free time and leave your mark on campus.

Talk to everyone.

The best way to meet new people and make friends.

Check out these Lifesaving Tips For Freshmen At Kent State University!


Get organized.

Organization in college will better your overall classroom experience and lower your stress level.

Stay in touch.

Don’t forget to check in on mom and dad or any family member for that matter. Remember they helped you get here. They love and probably miss you. Check in with them maybe once or twice a week. Or if you’re close, call them every day just to see how they are doing, and to let them know you are okay. Don’t be the kid that just calls them when you need something.

Eating habits.

Watching your eating habits is a great way to make the feared “Freshman 15” a myth. The way you eat will benefit your overall productivity, motivation and the way you feel. It’s easy for you to eat the cheapest thing that’s available to you (which is usually not the healthiest choice) but try to make healthier choices, that fit your health goals and the way your body functions. Nothing is worse than trying to go through a semester feeling malnourished. Though do not be afraid to treat yo’ self.


Stay focused.

It’s great to have fun in college, but don’t forget why you’re here.

Check out these Lifesaving Tips For Freshmen At Kent State University!

Take shortcuts.

Trust me – it will be oh so worth it, take a few minutes the day before your first day of class to walk around the campus and see where your classes are located. Not only will it save you time going from class to class, but you can find the shortest ways from one building to another or to your dorm. You’ll thank me later.


Rate my professor.

If you truly want to do your best and not worry about having a horrible professor (who at the end of the day we pay to give us a grade.) check out Rate My Professor ( Find out how the class is, how hard it will be and what will benefit you the best from past students who have taken the class.


In college sadly, you actually have to study. A great way to start is on quizlet. It allows you to not only test yourself but go through flashcards, play games and even take other students quiz on the same class. Trust me it will benefit you.

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Sleep is sacred.

Sleep can work wonders. Not only does it boost your metabolism and mood. But it’s great, almost a break from the world.

Don’t buy books.

Wait to buy the books. Waiting to buy the book gives you the chance to go to your classes and find out whether you will need it or not from the professor themselves. If you know someone who has taken that class before you ask them. Then that gives you a chance to look online for the cheapest versions. Try to not buy from your university bookstore. They are always more expensive.

Know your limit.

Don’t over-extend yourself. Knowing your limit applies to almost anything, from partying to making yourself way too busy. It will just make day a bit more hard.


But on a real note, you actually have to study.

No – I’m so serious.

Use the university’s resources.

We pay so much money to go here, so use well what your tuition pays for, such as tutoring or free on campus activities. Take advantage of it. At the end of the day you paid for it.

Check out these Lifesaving Tips For Freshmen At Kent State University!


It’s okay to miss out.

There will always be other parties, other times to go hang out with your friends. So don’t be afraid to say no every once in a while. Remember you have to put yourself first.

Value Me time.

A little relaxation can make huge difference.

Can you think of any more tips for freshmen at Kent State University?! Let us know down below!
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