Life Without A Bra

Life Without A Bra

Boobs, boobs, boobs. Boobs are being talked about a lot at the minute. Free the nipple, no bra club. Images of lemons, unicorns and rainbows replacing where boobs should be on tshirt. Boobs are a big deal right now. We love boobs! But what does it mean to live life without a bra? Unexpectedly, life without a bra – a decision I make for my own body – creates a lot of conversations and reactions. Something I just didn’t consider would happen by making a decision about my clothing choices.

You’ll probably have heard or seen at some point across social media the phrase #FreeTheNipple. The hashtag is a comment on the fact that women’s nipples are not allowed to be seen on social media but men’s nipples are. Alongside this trend has begun a trend of women freeing themselves from the constraints of their bras and going bra-less. Obviously, this isn’t possible for all women, especially those with larger boobies. And, of course, not all women want to go bra-less. But, more and more women are doing it. So, life without a bra is being discussed as a social topic.

What is it like to go bra-less? Firstly, it’s dealing with a lot of comments from other people. What’s your reasons for doing it? For comfort, for a statement? It can vary. Considering your body and dealing with the reactions you get from not wearing a bra is interesting. It can really offend some people. It can also create unwanted attention. This is because women’s breasts are heavily sexualised. This makes you consider things like, am I making myself a target? Or, creating these problems for myself. It’s strange how removing one item of clothing that is still heavily involved in social issues can actually be a pretty big deal. I say do whatever you want, this is just my rendition of life without a bra. My experiences involving the issue.

Life Without A Bra

Itty bitty titty committee

Now life without a bra is much easier for smaller boobies. Wearing a bra can be really uncomfortable and just shit quite frankly. The straps fall down, or show when you don’t want them too and it’s itchy and just so many things. That relief when you get to take your bra off at the end of the day is a special feeling. Let those puppies out the cage. If you want to. Weirdly not wearing a bra improves my mood a lot. Mainly because I haven’t got some tight material digging into my under boob and pissing me off all day. But yeah small boobs is the advantage. Shout out to all the ladies with the big boobies. Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear bras. 

Life Without A Bra

Don’t be a tit

So obviously women’s boobs and nipples are viewed by society as a sexual aspect of the female form. Fit. Hence why women’s nipples are not allowed to be shown on social media forums like Instagram. Because boobs are sexualised this means that when you engage in life without a bra you can get some unwanted attention. Especially in certain situation. Like in winter when it’s cold and your nips become literal bullets. But a white tshirt or any clothing where it’s obvious you aren’t wearing a bra, people notice. People who think that women enjoy being cat called in the street will pretty much whistle at anything. But life without a bra is like walking around with two targets on your front. For me the unwanted attention I have had has made me really question life without a bra. For example, I considered was I putting myself in danger by refusing to wear this item of clothing? Did I deserve this because I was literally putting them out there? Now, I’d say to that… fuck that shit. This is my body and I don’t have to wear a piece of uncomfortable or just unwanted clothing to prevent unwanted attention. As I said, these type of people will give you it anyway. On this topic, a bra becomes much more than a piece of clothing. It becomes a weird form of chastity or preventative safety method. Which if you really think about it, that’s really fucked up. Women who choose the life without a bra shouldn’t have to feel that they should be wearing a bra for other people. 

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Freak of the week

A lot of people can be made really uncomfortable by those who choose life without a bra. And fair enough, again, boobs are sexualised and some people think it’s inappropriate or just weird to go bra-less. And that’s completely their opinion. You don’t have to agree with it. I never thought I was making a statement going without a bra. But people have frequently commented on my decision as if I am trying to be provocative. Sexually provocative or socially and politically provocative. But don’t be stopped if you’re happy to go bra-less by these opinions. It’s your choice and just I dunno, flick your nips to make them hard to really piss them off or something. I don’t choose life without a bra for a political purpose, it’s just a personal one. I can understand how the current trends about breasts and bras can be and are political but my decision doesn’t have to be. So don’t put politics on people’s tits, it’s quite a weird thing to do. 

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Saggy ole titties

The favourite comment of mine you get with life without a bra is that you will have saggy tits. Yeah that comment happens a lot. And to be honest I don’t know if that’s true or not. Maybe I’ll be regretting my decision when I’m 75 and tripping over my boobs that are now at my ankles. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I haven’t ever read into the science of boobs and sagging, but I have heard that wearing a bra makes boobs sag and that not wearing a bra makes them sag. I also heard that an inevitable thing called age and genetics makes them sag. I guess I’m really not that bothered. But maybe young and foolish. Ahh well. 

Life Without A Bra

Life without a bra for me isn’t a big deal. I don’t walk around burning bras or advocating for the life without one. It’s just a decision I made about my body, because I could, and clothing. For me, it has ended up being a kind of weird social experiment at times. Like how is this group of people going to react. A collection of weird and wonderful tit commentary. But I love boobs. And I hate bras. And that’s it really. Try life without a bra if you want to, maybe you’d like it. Don’t blame me if you get saggy tits though. 

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