10 Life Tips That Will Make You More Organized

Being organized can change your life! By incorporating these simple 10 life tips into your daily routine, you will maintain organization. 

1) Write Everything Down

You know that person that doesn’t forget anyone’s birthday, and remembers every event? It is not magic, it’s the art of writing things down. Trying to remember a million things will complicate your life more than do good.

Get a pen, and some paper, and write down everything: birthdays, shopping lists, to-do’s, and important dates.


Don’t use memorization, it will create so much mumbo-jumbo in your head!

2) Schedule Your Days

When you are organized, you are time-managed. Keeping things organized and knowing how and when to get things down, will maintain productivity.

It is important to make and keep schedules for the day, or the week! Set deadlines, and make goals!


Feeling cluttered, and overwhelmed will not help you achieve your goals or make your deadlines.

Make a bucket list, write your goals down on paper, make a vision board, then after you visualize all these dreams, write down how to achieve them during the year.

Make sure you are making time for what matters to you the most.


10 Life Tips That Will Make You More Organized

3) Clean up once a week

Cleaning is important; you must have a clean environment and a cleared mindset to feel at ease and in control. De-cluttering and cleaning up is the best way to become and remain organized.

It is better to make sure you are cleaning up after yourself when you make a mess, and not leaving your environment dirty. Intensively cleaning 15-30 minutes every week will allow you to just start off the week in a decompressed way. After some time, it doesn’t feel like a chore, but more of a compensating activity.

10 Life Tips That Will Make You More Organized

4) Money Management

This one is super important for adults, and independent livers, or simply anyone who wants to manage their money, and know where their money goes. You should set a percent of your salary to every aspect of your spendings (i.e savings, rent, groceries, personal..). This will allow you to place limits on how much you spend, and allow you to make savings at the same time. Document your spending and record your monthly bills!

If you want it even easier- download a money management app, which will send you a reminder every time a bill is due.

10 Life Tips That Will Make You More Organized

5) Sell or Donate

Before buying new objects, and having things sit in your closet for years, think about getting rid of what you do not use. If this experiment is easy for you, try putting 1 old thing to the side until you have nothing else to sell/ donate, and then further the process. You can do this for a month and de-clutter your home. On top of that, if you have objects with tags that have never been used- I recommend selling the items and getting your money’s worth.

6) Delegate Tasks

Go through your to-do list and delegate what should be done first, what is most important, and if your partner or kids could help you in any of the activities that must be done. Create a list of responsibilities for you each week, and put it somewhere where you will see it, and allow it to become subconscious. Review the list at the end of the week, and see if you managed to get everything done.

Self-teach yourself to become and stay organized so you don’t get overwhelmed. Priorities are important! Get your work done before watching TV!

10 Life Tips That Will Make You More Organized

7) List of Passwords

This one is so important- especially in our technological era, and let’s face it, sitting resetting a password can be extremely tedious. Passwords are extremely important in keeping your security. Whilst using the same password for everything is intelligent, it isn’t quite safe. However, having different passwords for everything is difficult to remember.

Write all your passwords down on paper, with the username ad website that is associated with the account.

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10 Life Tips That Will Make You More Organized

8) Unsubscribe from Unwanted Email Newsletters

I can’t stress how important this tip can be in remaining organized. We all have weird newsletters, blogs, ads, and publications that send us about fifty emails each day. Just unsubscribe! Having to read all these emails, or just deleting them can be a complete waste of time, and receiving a thousand notifications a day thinking it is important, is super annoying.  It is a waste of money, time, and space to be subscribed to magazines, catalogs, or even stores that bombard your Gmail account constantly.

We all do it for the coupon codes, but they will never leave us alone!

10 Life Tips That Will Make You More Organized

9) Organize your Pantry 

Sometimes, when in a rush, we don’t have time to check dates, look at what we have in our pantry to see if it is edible. We take a snack and go. These perished products usually go untouched. So I recommend looking in your pantry, throwing out anything that is no longer in date, and minimizing food wastage in the long-run by labeling items with an expiration date, name, and quantity.

This will save you from eating any food that is no longer good, and making sure your pantry is fresh.

10 Life Tips That Will Make You More Organized

10) Make Back-Ups of Everything 

Back up your computer- especially if all the documents are important and must be stored for life. We can’t trust technology to last forever! On top of this, have duplicates of all your keys, and make sure to have photocopies of ID’s, passports, and bank details, and insert the items in a secured folder. Keep the original and photocopies of your financial records, bank statements, birth certificate, insurance details, payment details in a different folder.

This is extremely important to know what you have, and know where to look in case these documents are needed.

10 Life Tips That Will Make You More Organized

I hope these tips help you become organized, and remain organized in the long-run. These are simple tips, but they can completely change someone’s work or study life. Good Luck too All!

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