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25 Life Saving Tips For Freshman At Tulane University

25 Life Saving Tips For Freshman At Tulane University

College can be overwhelming when you first arrive. Here I've included a few tips for freshman at Tulane University to make it a little easier to navigate.

Tulane can be overwhelming when you first arrive. Registering for classes, adjusting to dorm life, and figuring out what clubs you’re going to be a part of can be challenging. Here I’ve included a few tips that make Tulane and all its ins and outs easier to navigate.


1. Get a splash card holder and a lanyard.

2. Put your splash card in the same place every time.


3. Check Cudd Hall for left over food from events.

4. Don’t buy anything from Mac Mart, it’s stupidly overpriced.

5. Avoid taking the Tulane shuttles whenever you can, it will probably be a three hour ordeal.



6. Buy an umbrella, a raincoat, and rainbows. Yes you do need all three.

7. Mentally prepare yourself to never have fall.


8. Memorize your student ID, you might need it if you lose your splash card.

9. The best view on campus is from the sixth floor of Howie T.


10. Put chocolate chips from the ice cream bar in your Bruff waffles.


11. Ask the grill for a grilled cheese.

12. Take green onions from the baked potato bar to put in your waffle.

13. Don’t walk across the Bruff quad when it’s raining, take the sidewalk, your shoes will thank you.


14. Bruff has waffles until 11 am every day, and 3 pm on Sundays.

Dorm Life

15. Always call emergency service wave, the regular process takes weeks.

16. Buy a Brita filter.


17. Get a dehumidifier for the bathroom if you’re in a suite style, or you will have mold.

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18. Make sure your friend with the earliest time slot requests the dorm you want for sophomore year and pulls your group in as roommates.



19. Ask around about your professors, not all of them are properly represented on Rate My Professor.

20. Check how far away your classes are when planning your schedule.



21. Do not, under any circumstances, take an 8am on Fridays.

22. Double or even triple major, Tulane makes it very easy.


23. Go to Reily classes, they’re free and there are really fun options.


24. Take advantage of the free movie screenings that tons of clubs do, a lot of times they’ll have free pizza.

25. If you go to events at McAlister a little late, you’ll have to sit in the back, but you won’t have to wait in the crazy line.

Do you have any more tips for freshman at Tulane University? Comment below!
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