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20 Life Saving Tips For Freshmen At SUNY Oneonta

20 Life Saving Tips For Freshmen At SUNY Oneonta

I'm here to share the tips that us students have picked up as freshmen at SUNY Oneonta, so take a deep breath... you're going to college!

I get it, freshman year at Suny Oneonta may come off as intimidating (as will freshman year at any other college). The good news is that all of us students have gone through it and luckily have picked up some helpful tips along the way! I’m here to share these tips for freshmen at SUNY Oneonta with you, so take a deep breath… you’re going to college!

1. Attend Orientation!

Suny Oneonta’s orientation is super helpful when it comes to making you more comfortable with the transition from High School to College life! Defiantly attend all the orientation activities to familiarize yourself with the campus and even make some new friends!

2. Make Friends With The People You Live Around.

The people in your hallway are the people you pretty much live with 25/8. Make friends with these people because odds are they’re the ones you’ll wind up going to dinner with or heading out with on a Friday night!


3. Don’t Be Afraid of an 8am!

Take it from me personally, every single weekday during my first semester of college I had an 8am class. I was terrified of the thought of waking up at 7:30 every morning, but once I actually started doing it I really enjoyed it! It gives you motivation to get things done and helps you feel better later on, so don’t run from the 8am’s!

4. Learn the OPT Bus Routes!

Suny Oneonta’s bus system seems daunting at first but those buses are truly life savers! Learn the schedule and figure out where all the bus stops are, I promise it’ll be worth it.


5. Take Notes the Old-Fashion Way.

Taking notes on a laptop is not all it’s cracked up to be. I did it for my Bio-180 class my first semester and wound up on Pinterest rather than listening most of the time. Keep it simple and copy your notes on a notebook, your grades will thank you.


6. Each Freshman Dorm Has Its Ups and Downs.

I’m sure by now you’ve all been hearing things like “Get Tobey” or “Good luck in Golding” , but I can assure you that all the dorms at Suny Oneonta have their own positive and negative quirks. Wherever you wind up, you’ll be able to make the best of it!


7. If You¬†Do Happen To Live In Hulbert…

If you do happen to live in Hulbert, like I did, take advantage of the in-house dining hall! During the winter it was truly a blessing having a dining hall right in the dorm! (and a gym for that matter).

8. Invest in Snow Boots.

Oneonta tends to get a good amount of snow during the winter season, so investing in a solid pair of snow boots is essential.


9. Condoms?

Each dorm building always has a big bucket of off-brand condoms sitting on the front desk. Most students still invest in their own because nobody really trusts the ones the school provides. Also… its always a tad bit awkward swiping a condom while and RA stares at you from inside the cage.

10. Don’t Do Your Laundry On Sundays.

Everyone and their mother will deem Sunday as “Laundry Day”. With that being said, it will take about 4 hours for you to wash and dry all your laundry (on a Sunday) if you’re lucky. Do your laundry during the week, it will save you loads of time and frustration!


11. Yellow Deli?

Don’t get me wrong Yellow Deli is a fine establishment, but its not exactly my first choice. The town has some pretty good food! The hours are great though considering its open 24/5.

12. Save Up Your Singles!

During the winter months it can get really cold standing outside on a Saturday night waiting for the bus to take you downtown! A taxi at Oneonta is $2 per person, if you have at least 4 people, and a lot of the time its so worth it!


13. Tino’s or Sal’s?

Its the age-old question that always looms about in Oneonta’s air.. Tino’s pizza, or Sal’s? Personally, i’m a big advocate for Tino’s, but Sal’s is also delicious! Just remember to get the cold cheese pizza, wherever you may wind up.

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14. Go To Office Hours.

If you’re falling behind in a class, or even if you just want the extra support, go to your professor’s office hours! There are much less students for the professors to interact with during office hours, as opposed to during class, so you’re able to get really efficient help. I swear by it.

15. Don’t Waste Your Declining Dollars.

Declining Dollars are heaven sent. Not only do they work at Starbucks but they can also be used in Mills Market and at a bunch of the campus’ cafes! The only downside is that they’re not unlimited and boy do they go fast. Don’t waste them on little snacks that can easily be found in a dorm room… use them on the sushi or for a Frappuccino!!



16. Study On The Library’s Third Floor.

The library is a great place to catch up on some work or study for that big exam, but the first and second floors can get a bit distracting. If you really want to utilize the library, go all the way up to the third floor! Its nice and quiet and you’ll get a ton of stuff done.

17. Buy a “fracket”.

A fracket is a cheap jacket or sweatshirt that you can wear out to a party during the winter months so you don’t freeze to death but if you lose (or spill something on it) it won’t be the end of the world. Trust me. Just get one.


18. Try the Tortellini Salad.

Seasons Cafe, in Fitzelle, sells this delicious tortellini salad that I highly recommend trying.

19. Make Friends With People On Teams!

If you’re not on a sports team the next best thing is to have a good friend who is! This will give you an excuse to go to the school’s games and really show your Suny Oneonta Pride! And cheer on that friend!

20. Have Fun! (but not too much).

College is a big change and your first semester is going to be the most fun time of your life! Make new friends, join a club, and have fun! But don’t get yourself in trouble! Try to balance your going-out life with your staying-in life, and make the most of your time at Suny Oneonta!


What are some other life saving tips for freshmen at SUNY Oneonta? Comment below!
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