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50 Life Saving Tips For Students At Savannah College Of Art And Design

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted into the Savannah College of Art And Design. Many graduates from this school have gone on to do great things. As a new student, you might be worried about this new experience. Fortunately, you can relax. Here are 50 life saving survival tips for students at Savannah College Of Art And Design!

1. Take advantage of Bike Share at SCAD.

Cycling is a great way to get around campus and even the city of Savannah. If you don’t have your own, no worries. Just download the social bicycles app, reserve your bike, and pick it up at your convenience. When you are finished riding, simply return the bike to campus or to a hub location. This is one of the best tips for students at Savannah College Of Art And Design!

2. Don’t lose your SCAD Card.

This isn’t just your student ID. You will scan this card to buy meals and books on campus. There are also several retailers in Savannah that accept the SCAD card just like any other debit card.

3. Download the LiveSafe App.

This app allows you to communicate with campus security whenever you want. You can even remain anonymous. You can also use the app to let people who care about you know when you are out walking.

4. Save gym fees by joining ClubSCAD.

All students who attend Savannah College of Art And Design are entitled to use the fitness club affectionately know as ClubSCAD. This is much more convenient and much less expensive than joining a gym in town.

5. Stranded at night? Use SafeRide!

Thanks to a partnership with Uber, you can count on having a safe ride home should you get stranded.

6. Take the campus tour.

The campus, located in the historic district, is absolutely beautiful. In addition to this, taking the official tour really helps you to get the lay of the land.

7. Sign up for intramural sports.

You don’t need to be a big name athlete to enjoy the fun and health benefits of sports. Join an intramural team. It’s a great way to meet other students as a first year.

8. Get your financial aid apps in early!

Don’t wait until after the first of the year to fill out your financial aid forms. The pressure is on to get them finished before the first of the year.

9. Know the school library’s hours.

There’s nothing worse than planning to spend a night studying in the library only to find that it’s been closed for some reason. Check your school calendar to ensure the library is open if you plan to use it.

10. Join Kroger Fuel Rewards Program.

Kroger is a popular grocery store in the area. If you drive, sign up for their fuel rewards program to save a little cash.

11. Get on campus medical help if you are sick.

Don’t head to the urgent care over minor illnesses. The Savannah campus has it’s own health center that is managed by a nurse practitioner.

12. Take at least one road trip to Atlanta!

It’s only 250 miles away, and it is the home of one of SCAD’s sister campuses. Spend a weekend looking at SCADFash, and touring the Coca Cola factory.

13. Bookmark the Savannah Now website.

This is the go to website for local news. Keep up with local events, and learn more about things to do in Savannah.

14. Don’t miss Wag-O-Ween!

It may sound silly, but this pet friendly halloween event is popular among townies and college students. Check it out.

15. Visit the city website to learn about upcoming events and more. is a well designed website that offers information on things to do. There are even coupons for local merchants.


16. Reach out to your professors during office hours.

Your professors are there to help. Stop by during office hours to say hi, or to ask for a bit of advice. They’ll appreciate the hello.

17. Use the SCAD Language Studio to improve your English skills.

ESL students can count on getting a lot of support on campus. The SCAD language studio was designed for the sole purpose of helping students learn to speak, read, and write English.

18. Visit the Campus Art Museum.

The campus art museum is home to many great exhibits. Some by current students and alumni. Be sure to visit on a regular basis to see what’s new.

19. Reward your hard work with a trek to Tybee Island Beach!

Tybee island beach is a popular destination for both tourists and residents of Savannah. As a student, you have the ability to visit this amazing attraction all year long.

20. Enjoy seasonal offerings in the dining hall.

Most meal plans aren’t worth the money when you take taste into consideration. That’s not the case at SCAD. The professionals at Bon Appetit serve up tasty cuisine using seasonal ingredients.

21. Read up on your professors before choosing your classes.

There’s nothing worse than a semester with a lousy professor. Check out your professors on Rate my Professors to see what other students think.

22. Remember that River Street is the place to be.

If it’s time to do a little bar hopping, head down to River Street. The place is always packed with fun loving revelers.

23. Broaden your horizons by attending school in France or Hong Kong.

What better way to deepen an artist’s perspective than to spend time immersed in another culture. Apply for a semester in LaCoste, France or Hong Kong.

24. Create or join a study group.

Studying with a group can help you stay on task and retain information more easily.

25. Get academic help sooner rather than later.

There are plenty of resources on campus and off. Check out this list of helpful sites.

26. Open a local bank account.

It’s much more convenient should you need to talk to someone in person. Many banks also give discount cards for area merchants.

27. Take advantage of the fact that you live in such a historical city.

Be a tourist in your city. Savannah is full of beautiful sites and historic locations.

28. Buy a decent backpack.

Don’t cheap out here. Buy LL Bean or North Face and it will last until graduation.

29. Choose your neighborhood carefully if you live off campus.

Sadly, crime is an issue in Savannah. Research neighborhoods before moving in.

30. Use Behance to create your free online portfolio.

SCAD has partnered with Behance to provide students a free resource for building and displaying their online portfolios.

31. Scope out quiet places to study.

Libraries and study halls can get crowded. Find a few alternatives on campus.

32. The atmosphere in Savannah is pretty relaxed but the law is the law.

Savannah has notoriously relaxed drinking laws. Just don’t break the ones that do exist. You won’t get a break.

33. Save a bit of money with SCAD alumni scholarships.

You can earn 250 dollars per semester by applying for alumni scholarships.

34. Apply for housing early.

Housing fills up quickly. Get a jump on things and apply early.

35. Take advantage of summer programs for high school students.

If you are a hopeful student, check out the summer classes offered to high school students.

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36. Check out the Savannah Savvy Shopper on Facebook!

This resource is full of great money saving ideas for students. Learn about couponing and other savings techniques.

37. Skip Starbucks and find a local coffee house.

The best coffee and often the best companionship can be found at the local coffee houses. Fine one you like and enjoy.

38. Carry your Student ID And take advantage of discount programs.

Feel like going to the movies or out for pizza? Take your student ID, and you’ll probably get a discount. Be sure to ask, because these deals aren’t always advertised.

39. Join something! Get involved!

Join a club or volunteer at a campus event. It’s a great way to get to know other students.

40. Get a ‘To Go Cup’ when bar hopping.

In Savannah, it’s okay to take your drink with you when you go bar hopping. Just ask for a plastic to go cup.

41. Compare prices on books, it might be better to buy online.

Don’t buy books until you comparison shop!

42. Use punch cards and discount cards.

If your favorite restaurants, oil change place, or convenience stores offer bonus programs take them up on the offer.

43. Download apps to help keep your life organized.

Use apps like Mint and Evernote to keep your studies and your money in order.

44. If you want to work, be prepared for a competitive job market.

You might have to work hard to find a job. The job market is pretty challenging in the area, especially for students.

45. Know where all the great late night eats are.

If you are hungry late at night or early in the morning, head to Rude Rudy’s or even Sushi Zen. Pancake Palace never closes.

46. Car ownership is recommended!

You just can’t rely on public transit here. It may be a good idea to get a car if you can afford one.

47. If you are sharing a room, get to know your roommate early.

Reach out to your future roommate over social media. Check out this article for tips. You may be able to avoid contentious issues on the first day if you have already been communicating.

48. Cyclists can use Map My Ride to get around town.

If you are a cyclist, use MapMyRide to find your way around and figure out how long it will take you to get from place to place.

49. Want pizza? Head to The Animation And Visual Effects building!

It’s the only academic building where you can get pizza delivered. Sorry, everybody else.

50. Prepare for Spanish moss!

There’s no getting away from it. The stuff simply grows everywhere. Fortunately, it makes everything look really cool.


What are your favorite life saving tips for students at Savannah College of Art and Design? Comment below and share the article!
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