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10 Life Saving Hair Care Tips

Our hair goes through a lot; harsh, brisk winter days, the water/pressure we wash our hair with, the product we use, etc. There are easy steps you can take to bring your hair back to life and get it ready for the warmer weather. Here are the 10 life saving hair care tips!


1. Dryer sheet in your brush

With a combo of the cold, dry air outside and the dry heat inside, your hair is a frizzy mess. To help with the static and frizz, poke a dryer sheet through your brush! It not only fightst he static and frizz, but leaves your hair with a nice scent.

2. Aloe Vera is always the answer

Either take that plant you have in your room, or run to the drug store and buy yourself a bottle of Aloe Vera gel (everyone needs some Aloe Vera in their life). Put some gel through your damp hair; it works like a leave in conditioner! Tame the frizz, while leaving your hair feeling silky, smooth.

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3. Protect the locks against heat

You already have the winter going against you and your hair. Fight back! When blow drying, straightening or curling use a heat protectant! This helps from drying out and killing your hair, which could end in split ends.

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4. Hair masks

Doing a hair mask once a week can really lock in all of the moisture and make for the healthiest hair. There are tons of DIY masks that you can do just from some kitchen ingredients. One great mask is an egg/coconut mask.

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5. T-shirt instead of a towel

Instead of wrapping your hair up in a towel, try a t-shirt! Grab an old cotton T and wrap your wet hair up. This helps avoid all the frizz!

6. Time for a trim

One thing to do is to get rid of the pieces that are already dead. Give your hair a quick trim before the brutal weather hits. Trimming your hair can decrease the amount of breakage and split ends.

7. Beanie day

We can’t all get the perfect hair day, especially in bad weather! Nothing is wrong with throwing your hair into a messy side braid, or leaving in natural, and throwing a hat on. This gives you and your hair a rest day. Besides, beanies are always acceptable in the winter. Super cute and super warm!

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8. Caution: layers

Layers are the go-to look for winter. Your hair might have a hard time with your turtle neck, sweater, scarf, and coat! Your hair usually creates a nest by your neck, where it all gathers and tangles, which ends with you ripping through with a brush. Try pulling your hair into a pony, or cute fishtail to avoid all the mess!

9. Skip a wash

Washing your hair too much can dry out your scalp, when the air is doing that already. Skipping a wash will let the natural oils do their job. Instead grab dome dry shampoo, or refer back to #7 – hat day!!

10. Toothbrush your frizzy fly-away’s

The worst thing is pulling your hair up, and having all of those tiny, frizzy pieces sticking up! Take an old toothbrush, spray your hairspray on the toothbrush, and use that to comb down those little annoying pieces.

Do you have any other life saving hair care tips!? Share in the comments below!

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Taryn Muscaro

Currently attending Bowling Green State University for an associates in Business Management. After I graduate in August 2017, I will be attending cosmetology school! I love doing hair, makeup and nails. I am a huge lover of fashion, music, health and fitness. I love to discover new things and meet new people!

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