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10 Life Lessons My Friends Taught Me At Temple

10 Life Lessons My Friends Taught Me At Temple

Life is a roller coaster of an experience. Especially at college, where you’re learning more and more about the world and yourself every day. While it can be challenging, the lessons I’ve learned from my friends are so rewarding. Keep reading for 10 life lessons my friends taught me at Temple!

1. Be the person YOU want to be!

This is not high school, you get to be the person you want. Whoever you are on the inside, you can bring it out freely. It is an amazing feeling not holding back on becoming who you really are.

2. Not all friendships are permanent.

Having a dollar is better than having 100 pennies. You begin to really realize this in the beginning of freshman year with your high school friends.


3. Food tastes so much better when you are laughing and having fun with friends.

Stuffing your face and not being judged is fun.


4. Always have faith in yourself no matter what.

Losing faith in yourself is possible in college. It is a hard spot to get out of. Soon enough, you will learn to put yourself back on your own two feet no matter what the situation may be.


5. Have a strong support system.

People will begin to see their breaking points, it would either make them or break them. Continuing from tip 4, having a strong support system will help you get through even the toughest of classes.

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6. Do not lose your interests on your journey.

You will, one day, regret not continuing it. If it makes you happy and keeps you in a great mood, please find time for it.



7. Not everyone needs to know your business.

People are extremely competitive, whether you know it or not.

8. It is good to give yourself some alone time.

9. Don’t have any regrets!

10. No matter how bad things may be at the moment, everything will work out at the end.

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