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10 Life Lessons Harry Potter Has Taught Us

10 Life Lessons Harry Potter Has Taught Us

10 Life Lessons Harry Potter Has Taught Us

Harry Potter is a world wide sensation book series that follows Harry Potter a boy wizard who is tasked to help save his friends and life as he knows it.  J.K. Rowling’s 7 book series allows the readers to immerse themselves in a fantasy world of adventure and excitement  But she never left out the truth of reality along the way.  Harry and his friends experience everyday things that offer to the readers truth in a way they can relate to it.  Here are 10 life lessons Harry Potter taught us. 

Don’t lose sight of the Future you want

Harry Potter dreams of a future where there is no more Voldemort, not more evil and no one who can hurt him.  Through all of his struggles he pushed toward his goals. It reminds us that no matter where you started, you can accomplish what you want with determination and the help of friends.  Lesson Learned: You can rise from the ashes. Remember Fawkes the Phoenix.

10 life lessons Harry Potter has taught us

Love and Friendship Always Dominate Evil.

SO many times Harry Potter could have give up to evil.  It was already inside of him. But instead he had Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore there to support him and guide him.  Harry shows us that even though he was raised in a world where he was beaten down and left behind, his new friendships showed him that evil was never the way to go.  The people around us support us and lift us up. Lesson learned: Don’t be a Draco.

10 life lessons harry potter has taught us

Bravery Comes in Many Forms

Dumbledore told Harry potter that Bravery comes in Many forms.  “It takes a great deal of Bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” Lesson Learned:  There are times in life when we can’t just sit back and let things happen. We have to be there for our friends, even when it hurts them or us.

10 life lessons harry potter has taught us

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Harry Potter Can’t do everything alone.  Dumbledore made sure he knew that. He made sure Harry knew to ask for help if he didn’t know how.  It is so important to know that asking for help in life will not make us weaker but stronger. Lesson Learned: We all know different things and helping each other keeps this world a happier and kinder place.

10 life lessons harry potter has taught us

You Can Move on From Loss

Luna Lovegood is a strange girl that like to call Harry Potter friend.  She more than anyone shows us how we can move on from loss. Like Harry, Luna Lost her mother early on  and was one of few characters who seemed to understand his loss. She was an odd and strange character that  created a distance from everyone else. But she explained loss to harry and all of us in a way that no 14 year old should know how. “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”  Lesson Learned: Luna explained that one day she could be reunited with her mother, and harry with his Godfather Sirius, one day-after death.  And BAM,  just like that a 14 year old calmed the universe for a second.

10 life lessons harry potter has taught us

The Evil Guy Isn’t Always Evil

This is so true in so many ways.  How many times do we judge a book by its cover.?  We are talking about Professor Snape of course. How brilliant that he in the end, was fighting for something good the whole time, and no one knew it.  And Professor Quirrell in Book one, looked like this little lousy weasel that nobody noticed and all of the sudden he was the bad guy. The fact that Snape did a lot to protect Harry in Lily’s name was so honorable. Lesson learned:   This teaches us to not judge a book by its cover. It teaches us to open our minds to all that is happening around us before we make assumptions and judgements.

10 life lessons harry potter has taught us

Fight For What You Believe In

Tonks and Professor Lupin are two Characters in Harry Potter that Defy all odds. In a way, a  Romeo and Juliet story. HArry Potter doesn’t really deal with race or other issues. This might be the closest thing to it  Two completely different people who fell in love but didn’t think they could be together. But Tonks kept pushing and eventually they gave in to one of the best romances in Harry Potter.  And they stood side by side for every obstacle or love and life that stood in their way. And they lost their lives, standing up for all they believe, together. Lesson Learned: Live and fight for what you believe in.  Life is too short to stand by.

10 life lessons harry potter has taught us

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Puberty:  Everyone goes through it.  Even Neville

In a world of teenagers and love and giddiness, The Harry Potter series taught us that no matter what world you live, everyone goes through the awkwardness of being a teenager.  Harry feeling very uncomfortable in is dress robes, Ron feeling incredibly embarrassed in his, Hermione feeling giddy about her date with Victor Krum. But no matter what everyone is feeling, Everyone survives the awkwardness of puberty.  Especially Neville. Lesson Learned: If Neville can overcome his ugly duckling phase, everyone can.

10 life lessons harry potter has taught us

“Numbing The Pain Will Make It Worse When You Finally Feel it.”

Of all the loss that Harry Potter witnesses or encounters, the hardest times are when he tries to ignore what he’s feeling and how it’s affecting him.  Whether it’s about Ginny, or the thought of leaving or losing his friends. Holding onto that pain and not experiencing it makes it feel a lot worse in the end.  Between Luna and Dumbledore telling him to be brave and move on, he chose to hold onto things and in the end, it’s like a time bomb. Lesson Learned:  Feel the Pain.  Let it sink in, take what you can from it and let it go to a point where you can breathe.  It takes a step forward to move on. Take the first step.

10 life lessons harry potter has taught us

There is not post on Sundays.

Or is there? Uncle Vernon’s most famous line.  That’s all. No lesson to be learned here.  Just the facts.

10 life lessons harry potter has taught us

Harry Potter has been a comfort for a lot of us.  Whether it is just an escape from reality into a fantasy world, J.K. Rowling helped each of us discover new things about ourselves while reading it.

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