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25 Life Hacks That Are Beyond Genius

25 Life Hacks That Are Beyond Genius

Curious as to what you can do to make your life easier? Here are 25 life hacks that are beyond genius!

1. Banana Peels

If you rub a the inside of a banana peel on your teeth for two minutes a day, it’s a natural teeth whitener! This life hack gives you all the benefits of teeth whitener with out the sensitivity and harmful chemicals. Plus you probably have a banana in your house right now!

2. Nail Polish Keys

Having trouble distinguishing between the 10 keys on your key ring? Use different color nail polishes to paint the tops of the key so you can tell which key goes to what! This life hack is great especially if you have multiple different types of house keys!


3. Boots and Pool Noodles

This life hack is for all my ladies out there! Pool noodles are the perfect shape to hold up your tall boots in your closet! They’re soft enough to mold to the inside of your boot and can be cut to length to maintain the shape of your boots!

4. Plastic Pant Hangers

Instead of throwing the plastic pant hangers away that you get from the store, try breaking the clips of each end of the hanger. These clips are the perfect chip clips! This life hack is great for a variety of bags that need some form of securing.

5. Diapers at the Beach

This next life hack is perfect for my beach goers! Ever wonder a way to hid your personal belongings on the beach when you decide to play volleyball or go for a swim? Next time bring a diaper with you! Put all your personal belongings in a diaper and leave it when your beach towel is. No one wants to look through a diaper for your wallet!


6. Permanent Marker

Permanent marker on a glass or plastic surface and it shouldn’t be there? Try rubbing the permanent marker spot with hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer should wipe the permanent marker right off the surface! This life hack is perfect for all the mommas out there with little ones.

7. Oreo on a Fork

Trying to submerge your entire Oreo in milk, but somehow keep on dropping it in the glass? Then this life hack is for you.  Take a fork and simple stick the fork in the cream of the Oreo in between the two cookies. It holds the cookie perfectly for dipping into a tall glass of milk!

8. Bobby Pin Magnet

No where to store your bobby pins? This life hack is perfect for you! Place a long magnet strip on the inside of your vanity’s drawer. The magnet holds the booby pins perfectly without them being scattered all over the house!


9. Shaving Cream and Sun Burns

If you’re anything like me I frequently get sun burnt. Well this life hack is a life saver for me. Buy some men’s shaving cream and put it anywhere you have a sun burn and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then rinse it off. Instant relief and reduction of your sun burn!

10. Car Air Freshener

Tired of the typical air fresheners sold at the store? Look for any form of fabric softener beads and put them in a mesh bag. Leave this in your cup holder and you have an instant air freshener. This life hack is perfect for all the guys out there with stinky sports equipment in their cars.

11. Self Tanner Face Contour

Ladies, are you tired of cream contouring your face every time you decide to wear makeup? Well this life hack is for you. Take your self tanner and contour your face with it. It’ll last up to a week and looks extremely natural and even takes out all the work fo the typical contour.


 12. Paper Clips and Tape

Use a paper clip to hold up the end of a roll of tape! That way you aren’t wasting any tape! This life hack is perfect for all my crafters out there!

13. Paper Clip Bra

Ladies, ever try to wear a race back tank top and your bra straps are showing? Use a paper clip to pull and hold the two straps together.

14. Frizz Free Hair

With summer approaching, the question is also how are we going to keep our hair from getting frizzy? Instead of towel drying your hair when you get out of the shower, try a microfiber t-shirt or basically any t-shirt that doesn’t have cotton in it! Cotton causes friction and friction causes frizz.  This life hack is especially genius for my curly haired girls


15. Smelly Drain?

Do you have a smell sink or shower drain? Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. This life hack is brought to you by all my cleaning folks out there. The combination of the two causes a chemical reaction that helps to get rid of the smell.

16. DIY Ice Pack

Bumped your head on the cabinet but don’t have an ice pack? Drench and ring out some typical dishwashing sponges and place them in ziplock bags. Place these ziplock bags in the freezer. They last quite a long time and you don’t have to worry about the sponge dripping on you!

17. Hot Glue Sticks and Car Dents

Have a small or large dent in your car? Take multiple hot glue sticks and melt them and stick them to the dent in your car. With all your strength pull the hot glue sticks and they will pull the dent right out of your car. This life hack is perfect if you aren’t looking to take your car to an auto body shop!

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18. Command Hooks

This life hack works in many ways and is great for all types of organization. Place command hooks inside your cabinets to hang up any hair styling tools!

19. Cupcake Wrappers

For all my clean freaks out there, this life hack is for you! place paper cupcake wrappers in the cupholders of your car. They collect all crumbs and can be tossed in the garbage and replaced!


20. Pop Tab Closet

Ladies with full closets, this life hack is perfect to help you utilize all the space in your closet! Place pop tabs around the neck of your hanger. Then place another hanger through the pop tape. You’ve now just created a second spot to store clothing without taking up extra room on your clothing rack!

21. Bread Tabs

Don’t throw away the plastic tabs that are used to close your loaf of bread. Keep them and recycle them. Meaning use them to label any and all cords plugged into a strip plug!

22. Tongs and Blinds

With a pair of socks and tongs, you can easily clean your blinds! Slide the socks on to the tongs and simply glide the tongs along both sides of a blind slat. This dusts the blinds and you can wash and reuse the socks!


23. Garbage Bag Storage

Tired of having to pull a trash bag out of the box? This life hack is for you! Take paper towel holders that screw into a cabinet and place them in the cabinet under your sink. Secure them to the inside of the cabinet and place your roll of trash bags on the holder. Instant and easy access to your garbage bags!

24. Micellar Water and Sneakers

With only micellar water and some paper towel, you can clean the entire sole of your sneakers. This is perfect technique to get rid of all the dirt on the white sole of any shoe! This life hack is especially useful for all my white shoe wearers.

25. Vaseline

Vaseline is a miracle product. It’s great for keeping your eyebrows in place, as a chapstick, and even to secure your flyaways in your ponytail!

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