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7 Life Hacks Every Lafayette College Student Should Already Know

7 Life Hacks Every Lafayette College Student Should Already Know

To make freshman year just a little bit easier, these are some life hacks that every Lafayette college student should already know!

After being at Lafayette College for a year, I learned some pretty useful tips to make life just a little easier. There are just a couple things that I wish someone told me from the beginning, so hopefully my tips will help you as well! Here are 7 life hacks every Lafayette College student should already know!

1. You can use your L number to get food if you don’t have your ID.

This was a life saver when I was trying to get Simon’s before they closed, but was locked out of my dorm where my ID was. All I had to do was tell the worker my L number and I was still able to use my meal swipe! Moral of the story: make sure you know your L number!

2. Get a free coffee at Skillman Café by using a meal swipe.

If you get lunch at Skillman Café, a coffee comes with it as one of your drink options. There are some caveats to this though, you can only get a regular iced coffee and you can only use a meal swipe at Skillman between 11:30am-1:30pm.

3. Make use of the LAF shuttle!

I feel like the LAF shuttle is easily forgotten, but for people who live farther from campus, like in Kamine or the Fishers, it can be very useful. It’s also great for those rainy days when you don’t feel like walking and getting drenched.

4. Use the Kirby Hall of Civil Rights as a quiet study spot.

Kirby is honestly a hidden gem that I also feel like is easily overlooked. For anyone who is looking for a quiet and calming environment to do work, or would normally go to the quiet room in Skillman, Kirby is the perfect location for you. Plus, it’s beautiful inside, so you really can’t go wrong!

5. A lot of off-campus places take flex.

Like Cosmic Cup and Mojo. Make sure you ask if they take flex before you open your wallet; trust me, your bank account will thank you (until you run out of flex of course).

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6. Sogo will deliver to your dorm.

If you’re craving sushi, fear no more! This popular off-campus sushi place will deliver right to your dorm!

7. Roll your own flat at Simon’s.

Instead of asking them to roll your flat at Simon’s, ask for a regular flat and ask them not to cut it into slices, then roll it yourself. You get so many more toppings on your flat when you do it this way, trust me!

These are 7 life hacks every Lafayette College student should already know. Can you think of any more? Share in the comments!
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