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20 Hacks To Make Life Easier At Loyola University Chicago

20 Hacks To Make Life Easier At Loyola University Chicago

20 Hacks To Make Life Easier At Loyola University Chicago

College is a difficult transition. It’s living on your own. For some people, it’s living in a new city or a new state or even a new country. It’s meeting new people and getting used to living in the same room as someone and sharing common spaces with a bunch of different people. Loyola University Chicago can be a tricky campus to get used to. Keep reading for life hacks at Loyola University Chicago that will make the transition much easier!

1. Get to know your roommate.

You guys are going to be living together for a year. You don’t have to be best friends (but it’s great if you are!) but you shouldn’t be enemies. Set up some ground rules, don’t purposely agitate them. Find out if you have any common ground, like a favorite TV show or band to bond over. It makes living together a lot easier if you know and understand each other’s habits.

2. Get to know the people on your floor.

You guys are living in a shared space! Maybe you’ll find someone with a similar interest to go to concerts or something with. You might be in the same class as someone on your floor. Plus, it’s nice to know who you run into in the bathroom at 2 am.


3. Explore Rogers Park!

This is going to be your home for 4 years. It’s nice to know the area.

4. Be open to different organizations.

Most clubs have an introductory meeting so you can find out what the club is about and they have booths set up are the Org fair in the beginning of the year. You might find something new that you are passionate about.

5. Take advantage of Halas.

You get a really good gym membership for 4 years. It has fun classes, a cardio room, a weight room, and a rock wall. Working out is a great way to relieve some stress that comes with school. Plus, it has great view of campus.


6. Reserve the IC a few days early.

The IC study rooms fill up fast. Reserve them a couple days before you actually need them so you know you’ll have a room. If you study best in a classroom with whiteboards, this is for you.

7. Bring your own markers.

They give you markers at the IC, but some of them don’t work that well. If you can, get your own. That way you know they work.

8. Take advantage of the different centers on campus.

There’s the Writing Center, which helps you on your papers. They don’t proof-read them for you, but they will go through and help you if you need it. There’s the Tutoring Center, which will help you get a tutor for classes you struggle with. Then there’s the Career Development Center, which will help you find a job after college.


9. Get to know your RA.

They are going to be there for the year for you if you need help. Whether it’s something going on in the room, roommate problems, or some other problem, they are there for you. Plus, you might luck out and get a great RA!

10. Be open to different majors.

You might go in thinking you want to major in psychology because you’ve always wanted to be a psychologist, but might take a film class and realize you want to be a film major. College is about finding what you like to do and what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. It’s ok to change your mind.

11. Reflect and/or journal.

Take time to reflect. It’s another great stress-reliever and a great way to clear your mind. If you are having problems, you can work through them and just try to figure things out. Play some soothing music, put on some nice smelling lotion or spray some perfume or room spray, and sit there and journal/reflect.


12. Use your U-Pass.

You live in Chicago! Use your U-Pass, which is included with your tuition and fees, and go explore or find some coffee shop to do your homework. Sometimes sitting in Sol Cafe off the Howard stop to write your paper is more effective than sitting somewhere on campus.

13. Go to Damen Cinema.

The ((dop)) organizes movies in the cinema, and they are all good, new movies. It’s fun to go with your friends, get some free popcorn, and watch a free movie. Plus, they always send out a survey to figure out what movies everyone wants to watch.

14. Pay attention to different events on campus.

There are always different events and fairs going on around campus. There may be free shows, such as the Drag Show put on by Advocate, or free things from the Wellness Fair, like free flu shots or free snacks. They are always worth checking out if you can. Sometimes there will be some fair set up in Damen and those usually have free food.

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15. Make a study schedule.

Figure out when you can study, when homework assignments are do, when papers are do, and when you have tests/quizzes/exams. That way no assignment can creep up and take you by surprise and then you have three papers to write the night before they’re due.

16. Form study groups.

Study groups are a lifesaver! If nobody understands what’s going on in class, you can all figure it out together. Or if you are confused on something, you’ll have a group of people who can help you figure it out.


17. Also make friends with people in your classes.

Whether it’s somebody to sit with in class, somebody to get notes from with if you miss class, or somebody to form a study group with, it’s great to make friends. Plus, if it’s a major class, chances are you will have class with them again. Especially if it’s a smaller major.

18. Student Discounts!

Places around campus have student discounts! McDonald’s off Granville has a 10% student discount. Nothing makes chicken nuggets better than knowing they’re discounted. Dunkin’ Doughnuts has a discount, and the Forever Yogurt by the WTC has a student discount. Take advantage of them! Chicago tends to be expensive so it’s great to save money when you can!

19. Plan some “you” time.

College can be stressful AF. Find some time where you don’t have any major assignments to do, and take time for yourself. Do a face mask, paint your nails, drink your favorite coffee or tea, and watch your favorite movie. Whatever works best for you.


20. Figure out what works for you!

College is about finding out what works for you! You might think you would do great in night classes, but morning classes actually work better. You might change majors a few times. And you might find out that you work best at 1am, but your roommate works best at 1pm and is way more organized than you. Don’t compare yourself to what other people are doing, because only you can know how you function best.


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