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Life-Changing Organizing Tips For Your Chaotic Life

Life-Changing Organizing Tips For Your Chaotic Life

Life-Changing Organizing Tips For Your Chaotic Life

Life always shows itself to be unpredictable, chaotic, and seemingly impossible to manage. However, implementing a few useful organizing tips will make a massive difference in your life. Staying organized decreases stress and helps you complete tasks more efficiently. Here in this article, I will give you some life-changing tips on how to get a grip on your chaotic life.

Get A Calendar

This first tip is crucial! Get a physical calendar to hang in your office or room wall. This is essential because every day, you can visually see what specific tasks or bills need to be paid or done that day. You must keep this calendar updated weekly for it to keep you organized.

Life-Changing Organizing Tips For Your Chaotic Life

Purchase A Daily Planner

Buying and putting to use a daily planner is another vital tip to staying organized! Personally, I have found planners to be extremely helpful in managing my crazy life.

There are many varieties of planners that can be purchased. I suggest buying one that has daily to-do lists, fits your style, and one that is big enough for you to plan effectively but small enough for you to carry around. By using a planner on an everyday basis, you will see how clearly you begin to think. No more worrying about what needs to be done tomorrow because you already have it all written down and ready to be checked off for the next day. Again, I recommend updating your planner at the beginning of each week just so you get a sense of what your week will look like before it starts.

Life-Changing Organizing Tips For Your Chaotic Life

Keep Sticky Notes Handy

This organizing tip goes hand in hand with the first two we spoke about. Having sticky pads available for your use will give you a way to jot down unexpected new tasks that pop up throughout your day. They are also excellent for keeping notes and reminders in your planner and calendar. You can choose to have all your job tasks on blue sticky notes, your school stuff in yellow, and home duties in green. This is all up to you, but it will definitely help you know exactly what you need to focus on when looking in your planner and on your calendar. Place some sticky notes around your house to remind yourself of specific duties.

Life-Changing Organizing Tips For Your Chaotic Life

Set Reminder Notifications

If you need better accountability than just looking at a daily to-do list, then think about setting a reminder notification. The reminder app specializes in letting you know when you must begin to work on something. Let’s be honest, it is very easy to procrastinate and push things off. If you find this easy as well, then use this application to put in your deadlines and get notified when you must begin the task before it is too late. Try out this organizing tip if you have a hard time completing duties on time.

Life-Changing Organizing Tips For Your Chaotic Life

Password Booklet

This next tip is a life-saver! Ever get on the internet and find yourself logged out of a site that was set to an automatic login? Now, you have no clue what your password is! We know that looking and searching for the correct login can be frustrating, to say the least. Well, this organizing tip is for you! Grab a username and password booklet to keep the information of every login you have ever created. A simple notebook, journal, or strung together index cards will work too! Put the website name, username for that company, and password near one another. Placing them in alphabetical order by the website will add to the easy assessability. Finally, you have all your logins in one place for future mishaps. Update this notebook whenever you signup for something new.

Life-Changing Organizing Tips For Your Chaotic Life

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Create A Filing System

If you have a job or schooling that consists of a lot of paperwork or digital files, then create a filing system! Use a folder on your phone or computer to help you keep all your information together for each subject.

When keeping important documents like birth certificate, titles, bills, and etc. keep them all in a designated drawer, box, or file holder that is easy to access when needed. This organizing tip is excellent for those who are forgetful or those who randomly place paperwork all around the house or office.

Life-Changing Organizing Tips For Your Chaotic Life

Meal Prep

When you know a busy day is approaching, be sure to meal prep. Now, this does not always have to mean you preparing containers of the food to eat for the next few days. Well, not to me; it doesn’t. Many people do meal prep in the way described, which is a great option, but if you hate eating that same meal back to back then, I have another suggestion. Just think about your food! That is the suggestion! Sounds crazy right, but let me explain.

When busy days come, most people grab whatever they can, to eat, which in turn costs more money, more time, or causes them not to eat all throughout the day. A way to use your time and money more wisely is to take a moment the night before to think about your next day’s tasks and consider what meals best fit your schedule. You are basically prepping your meals in your mind. By doing this, you can think well, if I have to be at work at 8am, I can wake up a little earlier and fix a small breakfast and make a wrap to take for lunch. After that, I will grab a snack from Starbucks on my break. Then, when I get home I will order-in dinner. Look! You have now created a game plan for everything you will eat the next day and saved money by eating two meals from home. An organizing tip like this seems strange, but it really does work to ease your mind on crazy days.

Life-Changing Organizing Tips For Your Chaotic Life

Many different organizational tips will help calm the storm of your life in a lot of ways. These are just some of the main ones that make all the difference! Comment below if you have found these tips listed to be helpful!

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