10 Life-Changing Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know

It’s hard being a girl – and dealing with makeup can be a real struggle sometimes. But, here are some life-changing makeup tips you might not know that will make your life a little easier!

1. Use toilet seat covers as blotting paper.

Ever run out of blotting paper when your face is super oily? It’s not a cute look. Go to a public restroom and take a seat cover, rip it up into smaller pieces and use it to de-grease your face!

2. Make lipstick last longer with a tissue and translucent powder.

It is extremely annoying having your lipstick not staying put…which leads me to one of my favorite life-changing makeup tips. After applying your lipstick, take a tissue and place it over your lips. Then, take translucent powder on a brush and dab it onto the tissue over your lips. Now your lipstick will stay put!


3. Put petroleum jelly on your lashes before mascara to avoid clumps.

Sometimes you don’t have time to redo your makeup after work or school on a night out. A great way to fix up your mascara and avoid clumps is to take some petroleum jelly between your fingertips and rub it onto your lashes. Apply your mascara afterwards; no more clumps!

4. Cut open makeup tubes to get every last drop.

Makeup packaging can be a real pain, but a great way to get every bang for your buck is to cut open your makeup tubes and scrape out the leftover makeup into another pot.

5. Use white eyeliner as an eye shadow base.

Sometimes eye shadows turn out to be a little more blase then expected. Use a white eyeliner as a base and it will really make your eye shadow pop!

6. Revive your mascara with eye drops.

If your mascara gets dry and lumpy, put a few squirts of eye drops into the tube. It’ll liquefy the mascara so you can keep on using it.


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7. Try “baking” your face.

A great way to reduce oil and keep concealer in place is “baking.” (Not that kind of baking -don’t worry, none of these life-changing makeup tips requires the use of an oven!) This technique is pretty simple; just place your concealer (usually under the eyes) and blend it out. Then place a heavy layer of translucent powder on top. Let it set for 5 minutes and then knock off the remaining powder.

8. Match your foundation to your neck.

To avoid your face being a different color from your neck, test foundations on your neck and NOT your hand or wrist. This will give you a much more natural look.

9. Hairspray is a great brow gel alternative.

If you run out of brow gel, don’t worry, hairspray is a great alternative. Spray a little onto a spooly and then brush your unruly brows. No spooly? Use a toothbrush! I’d recommend not doing this everyday – the hairspray might be a little harsh on your skin.

10. The easiest way to symmetrical liner…

Eyeliner can be tricky. A great way to make sure your eyeliner is symmetrical is to place dots where you want it to be. Just connect the dots and fill it in!

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Brittany Cote

Brittany Cote is a book and makeup enthusiast and full time student. Instead of her mother yelling at her to stop watching TV or get off her phone, Brittany was told to stop reading! When Brittany isn't reading or trying a new makeup look she's either hanging out with her friends, taking a walk outside, or planning her next getaway. After studying abroad Brittany's mission is to help people realize and accept differences.

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