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Your Libra 2018 Yearly Horoscope

Your Libra 2018 Yearly Horoscope

Libra 2018 Yearly Horoscope and Libra 2018 love horoscope is here. Find out what the year 2018 has in store for you. The 2018 astrological shifts are making big moves towards your yearly horoscope so expect shifts, transformations and setbacks in 2018.

Money is at the forefront of your Libra 2018 yearly horoscope so brace yourself. There will be more money than ever flowing in. Brace yourself for security and confidence to rise this year and your career has great things in store for your success in 2018. You truly are on fire this year Libra. Your net worth and self-worth are slowly upping their value. It’s hard to accept less than you deserve when you finally know your genuine value. When you start seeing yourself the way you are seen by others, your paycheck will reap the benefits. The second half of 2017 makes a domino effect happen with all of your relationships. The three “S’s” might make their way into your life: spirituality, sex and sensuality. These could finally hold some value and meaning in your life. 2018 is the year you need to fearlessly own your desires.

Libra 2018 Yearly Horoscope Overview

Midway through the year you could have a heightened sense of power in your career; it could reach all-time highs. Things at home however might be a bit of pain. Any childhood trauma you are holding onto, specifically “baby mama drama” needs to be let go in order for you to make room for all the good things 2018 has to offer. The focus truly is on you for 2018, Libra. Be prepared for people to come to you for advice and leadership roles. New Year’s Day, your ruling planet Venus, empowers you and goes conjunct with the sun and powerful Pluto. This is the best time to exercise your authority with generosity and grace. This will have people backing you early in the year and earning respect.

Your Libra 2018 yearly horoscope has three Mercury retrogrades in all fire signs this year. Surprisingly, it may slow down a crazy daily life for you and result in spontaneous bursts of energy. In August however, your creativity becomes somewhat elegant. Not only does Mercury in retrograde affect you but Mars also goes into retrograde from late June through late August; truthfully all planets go retrograde for the first time in 87 years. However, the Mars retrograde redirects career plans and will result in a more stable trajectory for your career. Get ready for Venus’ retrograde in October through the first half of November. Venus ends its retrograde in your sign, which impacts you more than any other sign. Love will finally hit the forefront of your agenda during this time.


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Confidence is key for your love horoscope in 2018, Libra. People find confidence irresistible and thankfully, 2018 brings you bountiful amounts of self-worth. Thank you Jupiter! The cosmos are truly pulling for you to love yourself! You tend to be attracted to security and stability and someone you may have once considered “boring” might finally catch your eye. Don’t rule out anyone you’d consider to be boring. If you are in a relationship, 2018 is the time to get more grounded in your relationship. Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, finally ends its seven-year trek through your partnership house in May. Finally, there might be some consistency to your commitments and love life in 2018. The cosmos are pulling for you. However, two powerful passionate eclipses take place in February and July and could bring about new romantic prospects… even a baby.

Love truly is looking for you in 2018 Libra so thankfully, you can afford to pick and choose wisely. You should trust your instincts this New Year. First impressions could however result in unexpected findings. The trine between Mars and the sun after entering Libra will offer more of a time for friendships to develop. Passionate prospects will come your way this year through but again, don’t rush into anything; you can’t have a relationship until you’re feeling fully self-aware and confident. When March 2018 strolls around you could find someone who shares the same aspirations as you do.

While they might be someone who generates minor friction from time to time, you might decide they are worth your time and energy. I’ll be your call since this is your year to shine. The Venus retrograde in October and November provides a pause in your social life or relationship that’s budding quickly. Thankfully in December and November you have stable and comforting times that heat up the romance.

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As for your Libra career horoscope in 2018, bring on the money. Jupiter, the planet of Abundance, spends a majority of the year in your second house of money and work; would you look at that! This brings about new career paths, promotions, raises or relocations for work. 2018 could be your luckiest financial year in over ten years. Not too shabby Libra! Innovative Uranus starts an eight year visit in your joint ventures zone starting in May. This could spark a new collab or other passive income options: real estate, investment or other online options. Come July you own your career horoscope. July’s solar eclipse makes you the “CEO” of work. It’s lighting up your ambitious tenth house and you could find yourself in a leadership position or receiving a prestigious honor.


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