A Letter to My Fellow Freshmen

Dear fellow freshman,

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase knowledge is power.  It’s often that the most powerful and most influential people in the world are the most intelligent in their own respect, and know what is of them and around them. You’ve worked hard for four years in high school, having graduated as a successful individual with talents, experience, and potential. That means you’re young, ambitious, daring, curious, and passionate; a fresh face in a new world. You have dreams and goals that have led you up to this new time of your life.


Whether you’re restless with excitement or a buzzing bundle of anxiety, you and millions of others across the world are in the midst of a fantastic impact of change and growth as you read this. Try to embrace it. If you weren’t ready for this change, you wouldn’t be at this point right now. Don’t be afraid. Think of college has a new adventure! You’re going to be learning about yourself while being dedicated to things you love and will love. Definitely explore and expand.


College can be viewed as an opportunity where you have the chance to show who you are and prove to the world that you’re here for a reason, perhaps for even something revolutionary. Do not pursue your education with the pride of becoming something that will change the world. Instead, I ask that you allow yourself to learn about the world and to find change within yourself. Revolutionize your perceptions with the people and place you find yourself surrounded by. Be open to others and allow others to be open to you.


While you are young and full of energy, you’ll have to start dedicating part of your energy to forming into an adult. Make sure your time is worth your money. Spend it well. As you’re being educated in the classroom, allow your outside life to give you wisdom. Time is essential now, as you will be especially sensitive to the past, present, and future.

Now as you move forward, know that knowledge is indeed power and with power comes great responsibility. You will feel as if you have the world at your fingertips, but you will also feel as if it were on your shoulders, too. Don’t give up! You’ve already made a spectacular step by becoming your university’s newest student and scholar. As a fellow freshman in college, I give you my best wishes and my confidence that you will succeed and your success will indeed be powerful.



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Rebecca Bright

Becca is a 19-year-old Austinite who studies English at the University of Iowa.