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Lets talk Re-Gifting, The Perfect Gift

Lets talk Re-Gifting, The Perfect Gift

We all do it, Let’s talk Re-Gifting, The Perfect Gift. We all receive those gifts where we sit and give a huge smile and a “thank you so much” but literally have no idea what we are going to do with the gift that we received. Well, I’m here to help you out with that one. Let’s talk about Gifting.

Always Make Sure to Rewrap the Gift before Gifting

This is a given, Always Make Sure to Rewrap the Gift before Gifting is something that everyone should be aware of and doing. If you are getting someone a gift whether it is re gifted or just you are gifting someone something special, make sure it is wrapped in something pretty. We don’t need to be cheap and throw it into a plastic bag. We go to the store and purchase all new wrapping paper and or a gifting bag with tissues and a card of course, never forget the card this is what makes the gift more personal and keeps the receiver happy and pleased. If you use the same wrapping that came with the original gift, then you run the risk of the original gift giver knowing that you re gifted he gift or the reviver having a gift that was messed up and already tampered with. Gifting is a learned skill that does take time.

Gifting Wrapping Paper

Give it to Someone the Original Gift Giver doesn’t know

This is another very obvious and something that you can’t mess up. When it comes to gifting and especially re gifting, you absolutely cannot give back a gift to someone who was gifting it to you. Duh. One of the most important things to take into account in re gifting is that you have to give the gift to someone that the original gift giver doesn’t know or talk to very much. This is so you can have your back covered so that the person receiving it can be happy with the gift and not think that it was something re gifted to them. I don’t do this often but when you receive something that you don’t like, you don’t want to be stuck with it so wrap it up and give it to someone else. I always say that if you are going to re gift something make sure to throw it in a basket where you are able to have other gifts so it is not the main focus of the gift, unless it’s a handbag then your out of luck.

Gifting to Someone Else

Start a Gifting Drawer or Cabinet

This is something that I recently started doing, and let me tell you it is amazing, everyone should be doing this. When you are shopping and see a few things that maybe your sister or best friend may like to buy it and throw it in the gifting drawer. I know this is not the most affordable hobby to have, but I am not saying to throw Chanel bags in the drawer or cabinet but candles, makeup, small electronics, skincare and clothes. Just things that would fit in a cabinet or drawer that you know that people will like and use. Some places that I go for things like this would be TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross, Ulta Beauty, Sephora, Nordstrom and Five Below are just a few places that I would recommend hitting when thinking about gifts that you are thinking about gifting to someone and be able to put them into your gifting cabinet or gifting drawer.

Gifting Cabinet

Always have a Positive Attitude about the Gift

When you know that you are going to be receiving a gift like on a birthday, Christmas, bridal shower, baby shower or any other holiday, you must always have a positive attitude when opening the gift that is gifted to you. One tip I have at a party or event that you will be receiving gifts at is to ensure that you open the gifts in private, this is so your guests are not able to see the reaction to the gift that they have given to you or any of the other guests that are present. If you are stuck in the situation where you have to open them then be sure to smile and thank all of the gift givers even if the gift is not up to your standards as not everyone knows what someone likes and is looking to get. In this case it helps to have a gift registry and making sure that it is full of stuff that is reasonably priced so that people are able to purchase them for you. So, lesson of this just smile and say thank you as that goes a long way.

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Gifting Positive

Make sure it doesn’t have Meaning to You or the Gift Giver

When you are re gifting or receiving a gift, you have to make sure that the gift doesn’t have a meaning to you or the person giving you a gift, because then it could be offensive to the other person, they know that you re gifted something they gave you to keep. Although anything can be meaningful, some gifts that could be considered meaningful would be a love letter, jewelry, pictures, clothing, watches or even a perfume could be considered meaningful. When someone is gifting something to you, they are trying to make a connection with you or give you something to establish a long lasting connecting between the two of you. This is always the hard part when you are re gifting something as you never know who may find out about it and you don’t want to upset someone from giving something away that they wanted you to keep because it had sentimental meaning to giving it to you.

Meaningful Gifting

Never Tell your Secret to Anyone

Rule number one when re gifting, Never tell your secret to anyone. When I say this I mean don’t just run around and tell people that you are re gifting gifts to people as it will look bad on your part since you aren’t keeping things that people are gifting to you.

Gifting Secret

When it comes to re gifting we all are still learning how to do it, it is something that seems like it is simple but it can be messed up easily if you mess up one of these steps.