Let’s Talk About Sex: How It Bonds Friendships

Talking about sexual experiences with friends seems to stereo-typically be a ‘girly thing’ to do. Not everyone likes to talk about something so personal but it’s a natural instinct! We should be embracing our sex lives not hiding them. Whenever you’re with a trusted group of friends, discussing sex and sexual experiences can sometimes be the most fun conversations ever. Whether it’s positions, toys, techniques, when you talk about sex it can be a bonding experience, and here are 8 ways in which it can do this.

1. You can bond over the hilarious incidents without embarrassment.

It’s always a good laugh when you can talk so honestly and openly about things. Sex can be one of those topics that you talk about where you all end up crying with laughter because of the most awkward encounters you’ve all experienced. From someone farting during a position change, to getting caught almost half-naked, sometimes you just need to let off steam and laugh about it with your friends. This way, you can save your partner from embarrassment if they don’t want to re-live the experience.

2. Reassurance and knowing it’s not just you.

Talking about sex with your friends is the perfect opportunity to trade experiences and personal concerns. A common thing amongst women is not being able to cum through penetrative sex alone, talking about it with friends can help you realise that this is extremely common. Your friends are there to help and if you’re ever worried that something is out of the ordinary, talk about it! You might be surprised but it’s not usually just you.

3. It can help build trust.

Talking about something as personal as your sex life is often a great bonding experience because it allows you to open up and realise who you can trust. What’s said in the group, stays in the group!

4. The perfect opportunity to give or get tips.

If something is working well for you, share it! Talking amongst friends who are honest usually leads to great advice. If you found a new position that really works, let them know, see if they’ve tried it. Someone might be worried about having sex outside for the first time, share your experiences, reassure them! Asking and answering questions is all part of the process and usually leads to better sex. The conversation gets really fun when you start trading stories and personal preferences! A good starting topic is which vibrators you’d recommend, you’ll be talking for hours.

5. Friends can help point out any red flags you’re ignoring.

If you’re in or starting a relationship, sometimes the red flags are in the sex life. If your partner is being selfish or seems to only want to be with you when there’s the chance of sex, you might not see it. You or a friend might recognise negative signs and want to start up a conversation. It’s easy to ignore the negative parts of a relationship, many people don’t like to admit it. But your friends are there for a reason so if they carefully bring it up, listen to them. The only ones who should be in control of a relationship are the people actually in it. But it never hurts to get an outside perspective.

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6. It can help you work through issues or uncertainties.

A healthy relationship often means a healthy sex life. If something’s not working, talk about it. If you don’t know how to initiate a certain issue with your partner, discuss it with your friends first. They can offer solutions or just listen as you talk it through. It’s surprising how much having someone to listen can help.

7. Increases your level of honesty with each other.

Being honest with your friends is vital. It strengthens the friendship. Not everyone is comfortable talking about something so personal, but even if you have just one trustworthy person to discuss it with, you’ll see that friendship start to flourish. Most people will appreciate the honesty.

8. It’s also just really fun!

More than anything, it’s just a really fun conversation to have. Whether you’re recounting hilarious stories or just giving simple tips, you’ll be there for hours enjoying yourselves. You never know what someone will come out with next when you talk about sex!

Do you and your friends talk about sex? Do you think it strengthens your bonds when you talk about sex? Tell us in the comments!
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