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Let’s Taco Bout The Best Places To Get A Taco In Toronto

Let’s Taco Bout The Best Places To Get A Taco In Toronto

Let's Taco Bout The Best Places To Get A Taco In Toronto

Tacos are a staple in the Toronto food culture. This city loves tacos so much that there’s even a taco festival that takes place in June! When you’re craving a taco in Toronto, you can always rely on an authentic Mexican restaurant or try a specialty taco at any of the trendy restaurants that we have in the city. Whether you prefer taco stands or going to an actual restaurant, there is something for everybody here. This is the ultimate guide on where to get the best taco in Toronto.

Seven Lives

You can’t rank tacos in Toronto without giving a special shoutout to Seven Lives. This Kensington Market institution will often have lineups out the door and around the corner, and for a good reason too. Tacos are all this place serves and they do it well. All nine of their tacos are $6, which makes this place super affordable and will keep you coming back to try them all. They’re known for their Gobernador taco, which consists of smoked marlin, shrimp, and cheese. Seating is limited at Seven Lives, but who’s complaining when you can enjoy your taco while walking around Kensington Market or sitting in the newly renovated Bellevue Square Park. Next time you’re craving a taco in Toronto, hit up Seven Lives, but fair warning this place is cash only.

Let’s Taco Bout The Best Places To Get A Taco In Toronto

Grand Electric

Ask anyone in the city where their favorite place to get a taco in Toronto is and Grand Electric will probably be the answer. This Parkdale classic is known for serving up tasty tacos and delicious cocktails. Grab a couple of friends and take advantage of their lunch special, which includes your choice of three tacos and a pint of lager for $20! Grand Electric is a fan-favorite because they’re super accommodating to any dietary restrictions. They have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, and their taco shells are made with 100% organic corn. They recently opened a taqueria across from Trinity Bellwoods, which makes it a great place to stop by before hanging out in the park. They also have two-for-one cocktails at the Trinity Bellwoods location between 4-6PM.

Let’s Taco Bout The Best Places To Get A Taco In Toronto


Who would have guessed that one of the best places to get a taco in Toronto would be at a vegan restaurant? Rosalinda is an all vegan Mexican restaurant in the financial district that’s putting a plant-based twist on classic Mexican dishes. They offer three different types of tacos here, all with a different flavor profile. Their must-try is a Chorizo Rojo taco, with poblano tomatillo salsa and cucumber pico de gallo. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their Jackfruit Pibil taco! Jackfruit has the same consistency and texture as pulled pork, and this taco is served with crispy taro root and slaw. Rosalinda is definitely not your typical Mexican restaurant but definitely deserves a visit if you’re in the mood to try a new take on tacos. Let’s Taco Bout The Best Places To Get A Taco In Toronto

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Campechano is a legendary place to get a taco in Toronto. What makes this taqueria so special isn’t what’s on their tacos, it’s the shell itself. Everyone knows that the tortilla has the ability to make or break a taco (literally), which is why their tortillas are made in-house. They import blue and white corn from farmers in Mexico, prepare the dough in-house, and press each tortilla to order. A must-try taco is the Pescado. It consists of beer battered branzino, avocado, and chipotle. The murals on the wall also make this taqueria a great spot to take your next #TacoTuesday Instagram pic!

Let’s Taco Bout The Best Places To Get A Taco In Toronto

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Where’s your go-to place for a taco in Toronto? Did we miss anything on this list? Let’s taco bout it in the comments!

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