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6 Lessons We Can Learn From 2020

2020 tested us. It tested us all individually and as a collective society. Not only were we hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, but our country faced a scorching election, political strife, economic downfalls and social injustices, unrest, and challenges. Throughout it all though we are continuing to come back stronger and more adaptable, with a few life lessons helping us to adapt along the way. Here are just a few of the lessons that 2020 taught us. 

Sanitation Is Key *Chefs Kiss

We always knew that sanitation was important, that we should wash our hands before we eat, after using the facilities and throughout the day however, hand sanitation is essential to healthy living. The bacteria that is picked up throughout the day spread to everything we touch, as well as everyone else. Hand washing regularly will help to eliminate the transmission of diseases. 

Now we’ll address masks. Personally? I love masks and think they should stick around long after covid. If anything, 2020 has taught us that we should be wearing one if we are feeling ill, we should be courteous of our neighbors and prevent transmission of disease whenever possible. We actually used to let people breathe on us which, when really thought about is actually disgusting. 

Care For Your Neighbor

Caring for your neighbor has been a value that has been passed down from generation to generation however, 2020 taught us to love our neighbors when we disagree, when we do not see eye to eye and when we are not the same. It taught us that caring for others, no matter the politics of socioeconomics that exist is the only way that we are all going to not only survive but thrive. 

2020 showed us that we can progress as a society as long as we care for others. This starts by giving your neighbor a cup of sugar or an extra stick of butter and progresses to standing up for others outside of the Senate, holding the hand of your neighbor who is the complete opposite of you, and accepting those that you do not necessarily understand. 

2020 showed us that we are all fighting battles and that those battles are less hard to face when someone shows us that they care.  

There Is Always Something To Be Thankful For

Whether the pandemic hit us hard personally, or we were lucky enough to recover easily, we all have something to be thankful for. Many of us have lost jobs, family members, money, or personal events. In some way, we have all been affected this year however when we think back we all have moments in time, people, or events that we can be thankful for. We can be thankful for the entertainment we had this year, the downtime we had at home, time with family, and the time for self-care. We can be thankful for vaccines, Doctors, and Nurses who fight for others. We can be thankful for the kindness of others and our health. We all have something we can be thankful for and 2020 showed us how to take the time and appreciate those things. 

Take The Chance To Slow Down, Pause, And Reflect

I believe that this may be a lesson that we all appreciate later down the road however, lesson nonetheless. 2020 taught us to take the chance to pause, reflect, and slow down. This year many of us spent an immense amount of time in our homes. We were bored, we were lonely, we were by ourselves and what do we do when we have time for ourselves? We think. So why not think of positive things that can help us further ourselves and our loved ones. 

2020 taught us to spend time reflecting on things that we wanted to do or needed to change and we were allowed the time to start that process. Some of us picked up hobbies others took up exercise or relaxation. Whatever it was, we had the chance to work on ourselves and rejuvenate our bodies by slowing down and relaxing. 

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Embrace Being Alone

Whether alone with your family, with roommates, or just with yourself, being alone can be, well, lonely. At times very lonely. Throughout 2020 we have all had to find ways to preoccupy and care for ourselves. Learning how to be alone with ourselves is an important lesson to learn and one that we have all had to embrace this past year. 

Learning how to sit with oneself can allow us to learn more about ourselves. It can allow us to create new ideas, new ways of implementing self-care. Being alone is a factor of life for all in some way, learning to enjoy this time is crucial to our mental and emotional health. 

Change Is Needed

Change is inevitable. This past year we all have experienced change. Change in family structure, change of careers or jobs, changes in the economy, and changes within our socio-economics. The lesson that we can learn from 2020 regarding change is that it is absolutely needed and necessary for us to grow and prosper, whether that be individually or as a collective whole. Embracing change because we just all may benefit from it. 

The year 2020 is leaving us with many lessons. We learned that change is necessary and inevitable and that we may as well accept that change must occur for us to grow. We learned that embracing others and caring about others is essential to our well being. 2020 taught us that alone time is essential for us as individuals and that taking the time to pause and reflect will help us to grow into our most whole selves. 2020 pushed us, it challenged all of us on personal levels as well as a collective whole. Due to all of us being affected by the entire year of 2020, we are stronger, more adaptable, and in ways, more together. May we never have to live through another year like 2020.

Chloe Duncan

Originally from Denver Colorado, Chloe is 27 and now living in Asheville, North Carolina with her Son. Chloe loves everything Fashion, Style, and Design. Everything from clothing to home decor!

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