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Leg Workouts At Home That Won’t Have You Skipping Leg Day

I know the feeling of waking up in the morning and dreading the idea of having to workout. Being in quarantine made this feeling 100 times worse for me, too. There is something easy about just pushing yourself to walk out the door and drive to the gym because once you’ve put in that effort, why bother turning around, you’re in too deep. Once Corona hit and we had to workout at home all the time, I suddenly lost all interest. All I wanted to do was sit in my bed and watch movies all night long. Luckily, sitting on my butt for 6 months straight finally started to grow old for me and forced me to research some health and fitness programs. Below I have listed my favorites for you and the one’s that always kept me coming back for more. Even on days you would rather do anything but workout, these programs will motivate you and push you to get it done.

Melissa Wood Health

Melissa Wood created a health and fitness program years ago that has recently blown up in the eye of social media. Her workout plans are being raved about by celebrities from all over. As someone who cannot let a trend pass through the atmosphere without trying it, I had to sign up for a membership. Let me tell you, this workout program is worth all of the hype and deserves every penny of mine. Working out in these classes made working out start to feel fun for the first time in forever and I never wanted to miss a class. Melissa Wood is always teaching classes with a beautiful aesthetically pleasing background and wearing the cutest workout clothes ever. Doing her workouts will make you want to go buy an entire Lulu Lemon or Athleta store so you can dress as cool as she does. Melissa’s workouts are fun and challenging and make you feel so good that you won’t have any desire to skip a day. She made my legs look more lean and toned in a few weeks than they have ever looked in my whole life.

Nike Training App

When I was first getting into free at home leg workouts, I discovered the Nike training app and instantly fell in love. This app is filled with free workouts that burn your target area and are highly enjoyable to do. If you have an Apple Watch, these workouts are even more enjoyable. The Nike Training App connects with your watch to give accurate details on how many calories you burn doing each different move. This app has so much variety in classes that you’ll never want to miss one. When you’re not feeling a cardio type of leg day, you can do a yoga class that will target your legs as well. Not all workouts have to be intense to build muscle and realizing that made working out a lot more enjoyable and made me less likely to skip a workout class. I suggest downloading the app and trying out one of each variety of classes before deciding your feelings on it. After a few days of these Nike classes you feel and look stronger and more toned than you did before. 

Alexis Ren’s Warriors Workout

The well known influencer, dancer, and model, Alexis Ren recently created her own workout challenge. People can sign up to participate and workout everyday for 30 days with Alexis or can sign up anytime and choose videos when they’d like to. I recently took part in the 30 day total body challenge and was obsessed. Alexis is the queen of the peachy booty and for sure helped mine plump up a bit, too. My favorite part of Alexis’ workout program was the way she recorded each workout the day before we saw it which meant she was suffering with us, working out everyday for a month. She didn’t ever try to hide the pain or discomfort she was feeling during the hard workouts which made it feel a lot more human and relatable. It felt like we were pushing through the workout together which is what made me want to keep going back. I began to feel guilty whenever I’d skip a workout at all. Alexis’ workout program also has tons of workshops about journaling and guided meditations. She does yoga zoom calls once a week and stays in touch with the people doing her program so that it really feels like a community. Most of all, the pricing on this workout program cannot be beat. I highly recommend trying it out. 

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Although I just gave you my favorite leg workouts that will make you not want to skip leg day ever, that doesn’t mean I’m expecting you all to workout every day. Your body needs rest sometimes and other days, your mind just needs the day off. So be patient with yourself and also challenge yourself to always push to get better and stronger. These workout programs are guaranteed to make you want to get up and move your body every day. If you’re not in the place to spend money right now, start with the Nike Training App. It will deliver you all the results you’re looking for. There is also always Youtube if you’re someone like me who needs things to be switched up once in awhile, going on youtube to find a killer butt workout and just see a different trainers face is totally okay. Have you tried any of these workout programs? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have other suggestions for workout programs, please also comment down below. I know there are so many options out there and am always looking for something new and fresh to try out, especially in quarantine. Finally, and most importantly,  if you have suggestions for places with the cutest workout outfits, comment down below. I cannot keep motivating myself to workout everyday if I don’t start looking super cute when I do it.


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