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Learn These Selfie Tips To Get A Model Like Picture

Learn These Selfie Tips To Get A Model Like Picture

Learn These Selfie Tips To Get A Model Like Picture

Getting a good selfie in this day and age is no easy task. Taking a good selfie is like art and it takes real talent to get those amazing pictures in just one snap. Learning these tips will not only help you to achieve the perfect photo of yourself every time, but will make sure that you never look anything less than amazing! It will enhance your social media like never before and you will be getting all the right pictures with the girls too! Once you have mastered these tips you can teach them to everyone else and get a chain going of perfect selfies of you and your friends.

1. Get a good light

The most important thing about selfie-taking is getting good lighting. If you do not have the right light for your picture, you may as well not take it. You need a natural light that is flattering and gives you a clear picture. The outside is the best for this. If you have a smartphone that you are taking your selfie on you can tap the screen and it will sort out camera iris for you so you can look more natural. When you are searching for lighting, try not to stand under white artificial light – natural is best. You can tell which lighting is best and which lighting will be best for taking the right pictures. Sometimes the light is not co-operative, so you need to be creative – in which case, buy a halo light for your phone. This is a light that clips to your phone and gives you a really good and natural-looking light that will make you look stunning if mother nature is not on your side.

Learn These Selfie Tips To Get A Model Like Picture

2. The right angle is everything

Second to most important is the right angle. If you take a picture from down below, chances are that you won’t have the most flattering angle of your face, you’ll be looking down (and I know when I look down, I get a double chin)! You want to be looking up and position your face in a way you think is flattering and catches the light in a way that compliments your face. You also need to work out whether the angle of the camera is suiting the picture you are after. Should it be landscape, portrait, or slightly diagonal? Whatever you find will enhance your beauty. Once you find the right angle and great lighting, the rest kind of just falls into place. So, these are the two crucial steps that you should be remembering when trying to take a model-like selfie.

Learn These Selfie Tips To Get A Model Like Picture

3. Set the scene

Having a good background in your selfie is another step that will just elevate that beautiful face. If you are in a setting where there is nice scenery or a pretty backdrop, put your lighting and angle skills to the test. Position yourself so you are the main event and the background will compliment you. You can even take a full-length picture if you want to ask someone else to take it for you (although is this technically a selfie?) to get more of the scenery in. Remember to put yourself first in the photo and make yourself the focus of the picture and let the background compliment you.

If you don’t have a fancy background, then a simple background will work just as well. Get a simple coloured wall, such as white, get your lighting perfect and the right angles and you will be on your way. It is also nice to mix it up a little bit between the fancy backdrops and the plain ones as it gives some variety to your selfies and mixes up your social media posts a little bit. What more do you need to get a perfect selfie? Well…

Learn These Selfie Tips To Get A Model Like Picture

4. Filter, filter, filter

Although using a filter is not that trendy these days, it is a nice trick to use when you feel like your selfies are not up to your personal taste. Social media filters are great when they put animal ears on you or make you look like you have fake glasses. But you can download apps and edit the picture on your phone to make sure that the brightness and the saturation which suits your style. Of course, do all this in moderation. You are perfect as you are and do not need a filter, but they are fun to play with and use when you want a picture but aren’t quite feeling yourself.

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Please note that you should always love yourself and taking pictures of yourself means that you are comfortable in your body and feel and look good. Girl, go slay!

Learn These Selfie Tips To Get A Model Like Picture

5. Better alone or with a friend?

Sometimes you may feel like you take too many pictures and your camera roll is full of pictures of just yourself. Or you could be the person that takes pictures with their friends constantly and have none of just yourself. Either way, you should have a healthy mix of the two. Make sure you are passing on your selfie tips to your friends and then when they take pictures, you can look as unreal in the pictures that they take as well as the pictures that you take of yourself. Self-love is everything but having pictures with your best friends captures some of the best memories and the selfies can be really natural and candid so it will hold a lot of meaning sometimes. You decide, do you prefer taking pictures alone or taking pictures with your group of friends?

Learn These Selfie Tips To Get A Model Like Picture

Comment below your favourite selfie tip to share among the fellow poser scene and get more inspiration when you take your next selfie. Share with someone that you know takes a lot of pictures and never seems to find the right one! It may just give them a little tip that they need to get the perfect picture!

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