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15 Law School Graduation Gifts Perfect For A New Lawyer

15 Law School Graduation Gifts Perfect For A New Lawyer

Finding the perfect gift for a law school grad can be tough. Here are some of the best best law school graduation gifts for law school students! These gift ideas are funny, silly and some are also very practical for a new attorney.

Is someone in your life graduating from law school and you’re totally blanking on a good gift to give them? Whether you’re searching for something practical or something on the sillier side (there’s a ton of lawyer humor out there) this gift guide has some of the best law school graduation gifts and ideas to help you out! No matter your budget, you are bound to find something out of this list of gifts for law school students!

1. A Custom Engraved Business Card Holder

Every graduate starting out in the professional world needs a good business card and a good business card holder to store them. These personalized card holders come in four colors and a multitude of fonts, making them perfect law school graduation gifts!


2. A Little Bit Of Much Needed Humor

Sorry, this is a book of jokes only a lawyer would understand. So while a caseload of jurisprudential jests might not be up your’s definitely up theirs. (Don’t worry – I don’t know what that means either.)

3. A Custom Engraved Set Of Pens

Are you even a lawyer if you don’t have your own set of pens? Give them one last thing to worry about with these custom engraved pens from Parker.


4. A Multi-Device Charging Station

This charging dock is great for anyone’s desk space. Whether your cell phone, tablet or laptop needs charging, this dock will do it all. Say goodbye to tangled cables! This is one the smartest gifts for law school graduates!


5. An Attorney Approved Paperweight

Based on the reviews, 99% of the recipients got a good laugh out of this cute little gift. But hey, it’s also good at actually holding papers down. Practical and funny, it’s a win-win.

6. The Debatable Party Game

Every Lawyer needs to make a good argument in order to win a case. Give them some extra practice with the gift for “people who love to argue”. Sounds right up their alley! All I know is that I wouldn’t want to go up against them in this game…


7. A Leather Portfolio

This is the perfect accompaniment for lawyers always on the go. Perfect for storing writing utensils, writing pads, files, tablets, business cards and more.

8. A Glass To Hold All That Wine They’ll Be Drinking After A Long Day

A glass of wine (or a few) a day keeps the stress away. And we all know how stressful dealing with other’s people’s problems can be….



9. And If They’re Still In School….

You just wouldn’t understand unless you’re a law student – the struggle is real and this stemless wine glass is necessary.


10. A Personalized Briefcase

A briefcase is a staple accessory that every Lawyer entering the industry needs. And it needs to be a good briefcase. This one by Luxury Leather London is made from natural cowhide leather and has the option to be personalized. This is definitely one of the best law school graduation gifts for a brand new lawyer!

11. A Nespresso Machine

Okay first of all, it’s basically impossible to get through the day without coffee..especially if you’re a lawyer. And second, the lawyer in your life has probably been using the same Keurig machine for the past 6 years – but we’re here to tell you that the Nespresso is the next best thing. Their capsules are much smaller than Keurig’s pods, producing a fraction of the waste and many coffee drinkers agree the taste of  Nespresso’s coffee and espresso is highly superior to Keurig’s. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely sold.

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12. A Coffee Mug To Accompany Their Nespresso

A little lawyer humor goes a long way. Honestly, who wouldn’t find this mug hilarious though? It’s honestly the perfect law school graduation gift.


13. A Craft Beer Club Subscription

What better way to relax at the end of the day than cracking a cold one open? If the lawyer in your life loves beer, this monthly craft beer subscription is one of the best law school graduation gifts to give. Just head to the homepage and start by clicking “give a gift”. BRB – going to sign up!


14. If They Prefer Whiskey

This personalized Whiskey Decanter is one of the best law school graduation gifts! It’s not only perfect for holding whiskey, but it’d be a great addition to any bar or office and an awesome conversation piece.

15. CASH

No matter who you’re giving a gift to, any graduating student will love cash (I promise). So if all else fails or you didn’t like any of the options on this list, just grab a card and stuff it with some money!

Which one of these law school graduation gifts are you going to get? Let us know down below in the comment section!
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These Law school gift ideas are perfect for graduation!