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5 Laundry Organizing Ideas To Steal From IKEA ASAP

5 Laundry Organizing Ideas To Steal From IKEA ASAP

Check out these laundry organizing ideas that you need to steal from IKEA ASAP. Try these tips and tricks to maximize your space.

Laundry rooms, they can be a scary and unsightly space in your home that no one wants to deal with. But it is really an easy fix with the help of my favorite place: IKEA. IKEA has everything you need to organize and clean up any cluttered laundry space. And after reading this list you are going to want to run to the IKEA nearest to you and get everything you need to fix up your laundry space. So here are 5 laundry organizing tips to steal from IKEA.

1. Use a curtain to hide unsightly items

We all have those places in our homes that we wish we could easily hide. Luckily the laundry room is a place usually we and our families see. But still, sometimes it just needs to be hidden. That’s where curtains come into play. So use this idea to cover up things in your laundry zone (or any mudroom-type space) that you don’t find visually appealing. Find a pretty window curtain, or shower curtain, that will add some personality to your laundry room and keep the mess out of sight.


2. Hook it up—on walls, doors, and more

This is a life-saving tip! Hooks are great for hanging laundry bags, clothes, and tools alike, especially inside a closet or on the back of a door. This will take things that would normally be piled on the floor and organize them on the wall, keeping the would-be mess to a minimum. And another bonus is that everything will be right in your line of sight, so you won’t be fishing around on the floor trying to find your dustpan.

3. Bins are your friend

Ok, so bins and baskets in a laundry room aren’t the most groundbreaking idea ever where laundry rooms are concerned. In fact, they aren’t even close to groundbreaking. But the ways that the bins are used in the IKEA concept apartments are much more organized than you would think. And it is all in how you use the bins. So one way is that you have a bin for your darks, a bin for your lights, bins for all of your cleaning products, and so much more! So you should consider getting some small bins and baskets, labeling them, and then sticking to their appointed uses, no matter what. No throwing your jeans in with your whites because that bin is closer. This will mess up the system. This little tip will really clear up the clutter!


4. Decorate in a color palette

Your paint color says a lot about your laundry room, so be careful with what you choose. Neutrals and light colors are the best to stick with. You don’t have to go all white for your laundry space to feel unified and clean, but sticking to one or two colors will keep things simple and calm, even on the most chaotic of laundry days. And you can totally do your own thing! You can stray from the normal blacks, whites, and greys and go for light blues, light yellows, and light greens. Have some fun with your colors in the laundry room, just make sure that you don’t go too overboard. You can keep it clean and still have the color you want.

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5. Try cabinets

This is a big bonus in a laundry room. And not every laundry room will have space for dedicated cabinets, but if you can fit them in, they’ll seriously change up both your storage and organization capabilities. Drawers, too! They will really keep all of the clutter at bay because nothing is really seen. So if you can fit them in your space, I would totally recommend going for it!


Which of these laundry organizing ideas are you going to try? Let us know below.

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