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8 Latinx Podcasts That Will Make You Feel Empowered AF

8 Latinx Podcasts That Will Make You Feel Empowered AF

These Latinx podcasts make you feel empowered AF. Take a look at the best of the best Latinx podcasts that you absolutely need to try.

Podcasts feel like this generations, garageband. They are easy to make and easy to distribute with the help of the internet and social media. They also allow some amazing voices to be heard that otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to reach listeners. Podcasts have become a great device for marginalized people to have their voices heard.Here is a list of 8 Latinx podcasts that will make you feel empowered af. These are some of the Latinx podcasts you need to try.

1. Sobremesa Podcast

Winston Rivas and Ana Cecilia Vargas host this podcast that deals with a variety of topics ranging from the future of Latinx media to intersectional feminism to interviews with people like poet Ariana Brown.The Sobremesa Podcast makes you feel like you are part of the conversation. Rivas and Vargas makes the listener feel like a friend through their casual dialogue and occasional sprinkling of jokes.

2. Latinx Therapy

Latinx Therapy is a podcast by Adriana Alejandra Alejandre. Adriana is a trauma therapist and her podcast deals with an issue that is very important and not spoken enough about in the Latinx community– mental health. Mental illness in the Latinx community is often pushed aside and stigmatized. Through her podcast Adriana seeks to erase this and educate people about the reality that so many people in the Latinx community live through. Her podcast is informative and answers questions a lot of us would never ask out loud. This is another one of the Latinx podcasts you need to try.


3. Latinx on the Rise

Hosted by Annabel Garcia Torres, Latinx on the Rise is a weekly podcast “featuring stories about Latinx working within the arts, activism, and within their communities.” Annabel finds and shares stories within the community about people trying and succeeding in their passions. Her podcast guests are carefully chosen, researched and interwoven with her own personal history.

4. Tamarindo

Tamarindo is hosted by Brenda Gonzalez and Melinna Bobadilla, two self proclaimed #educatedpeleoneras . The podcast focuses  on race, gender and representation” and the intersection of all these things. Brenda and Melinna are great interviewers and their humor makes listening to their podcast addictive. As a young Latinx woman, it’s so great to see other Latinx woman empowering the community and supporting rising stars.

5. Yo Soy

This podcast is hosted by Alejandro Victoria and “tells the stories of LGBTQ Latinx individuals.” Alejando’s podcast broadcasts the stories of people that are often ostracized within the Latinx community. Each episode Alejandro talks to a different person that identifies as LGBTQ Latinx and finds their story. He is patient with his guests and lets a very important voice within the community be heard. This is another one of the Latinx podcasts you need to try.

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6. Conchas and Contras

Conchas and Contras is a podcast hosted by Kelly and Janine. The center their podcast around radical feminism, modern Latnix life, and literary perspectives on pop culture and Latinx culture. They provide analytical and provocative discussion surrounding a myriad of topics. As a Latinx woman their content is relatable and relevant af.

7. ¿Que Pasa, Midwest?

This podcast tells stories of the Latinos that aren’t located at a coast in the US. These stories are often glossed over and forgotten so this podcast is an important reminder that our community goes beyond the big cities. .¿Que Pasa, Midwest? is told in a bilingual format and also pushes on the 1.5 generation to reconnect with their roots. This is another one of the Latinx podcasts you need to try.


8. Latino USA

Latino USA is an award winning radio program hosted by the journalist, Maria Hinjosa. Hinjosa’s program is distributed nationally by NPR and produced by The Futuro Media Group. Although not exactly a podcast, Latino USA is a symbol of longevity and is now the longest running Latino focused program on radio. The stories told here deal with everything from politics, arts, music to health and business through a distinct Latino perspective.

Which of these Latinx podcasts are you going to try? Let us know below.

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