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5 Late 90’s Rom Coms That Are Perfect For A Girls Night

5 Late 90’s Rom Coms That Are Perfect For A Girls Night

5 Late 90's Rom Coms That Are Perfect For A Girls Night

Oh the late 90’s rom coms era… maybe it’s the style of the way the movies are filmed, but there’s just something about watching teenagers finally winning that date with the person of their dreams or that 20 something-year-old being won over by that guy that just makes us swoon a little inside. The best kinds of people to enjoy these 90’s rom coms with are of course your girlfriends, since boyfriends just don’t seem to find them as magical as we do, at least not most boyfriends. So when you decide to put together a 90’s rom coms girls night, here at the top 5 picks you NEED to add to the list.

1. 10 Things I Hate About You

Like most of the world agrees, watching young Heath Ledger playing the bad boy is something I am willing to do every time I see this movie pop up on T.V. A modern spin on Shakespeare’s classic play “The Taming Of The Shrew”, this 90’s rom coms stars a young popular high schooler, Bianca Stratford, lives under the strict rules of her father that she is not allowed to date until her older sister Kat chooses to.

Problem is, Kat doesn’t like ANYBODY, being an empowered independent woman and all. So when new student Cameron, who is smitten by Bianca, comes up with a plan to pay someone to take Kat out on a date, he chooses the toughest guy in school who doesn’t scare easily, Heath Ledger’s character Patrick.

5 Late 90’s Rom Coms That Are Perfect For A Girls Night

2. Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore is hysterical in this 90’s rom coms, where she is a 25-year-old reporter who goes undercover as a high school student to get a good story on what goes on in the day of the life of a popular girl. Unfortunately for Barrymore’s character, Josie Geller, she was not exactly the popular type back when she really was a high school student. In fact, she was completely the least popular student there. Not having the confidence she most desperately wanted in life, this resulted in her never having her first kiss, ever.

Now she has a complete do-over, and this time she’s determined to be one of the cool kids, even if they don’t accept her just yet. On top of that, there is a hot teacher who befriends her that she starts to crush on, with the problem that he thinks she’s a students age!

5 Late 90’s Rom Coms That Are Perfect For A Girls Night

3. She’s All That

Now, this 90’s rom coms really pulls on your heartstrings. Popular guy Zack, played by gorgeous Freddie Prinze Jr., just got dumped by his bitchy girlfriend, who thinks she’s too good for a high school boyfriend, right before prom. So what is the natural solution to finding a date? Having your friends bet you that you can take out the weirdest girl in school and turn her into a prom queen of course.

Zack starts to hang out with outcast, Laney, who enjoys getting lost in the artistic world and knows better than to trust a group of kids who have made fun of her whole life. But Zack trying to win her trust over so that he can transform her into the beautiful girl she is and make her prom queen worthy. But the motive starts to change when he realizes that Laney is not as strange as she first appears to be and that he actually might be falling for her.

5 Late 90’s Rom Coms That Are Perfect For A Girls Night

4. You’ve Got Mail

While this 90’s rom coms movie is about a love story on two people who have been out of high school for a while, it has a fabulous unique storyline. At the beginning of internet communication with AOL email and instant messenger, independent store owner Kathleen is about to be run out of business when a corporate book store builds their empire right across the street. Frustrated, she is at war with the owner Joe as she tries desperately to save her shop that use to belong to her mother.

While these two book lovers fight with each other, they both have pen pals on the internet where the write and form a strong connection. What neither of them knows is that they are actually writing to each other.

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5 Late 90’s Rom Coms That Are Perfect For A Girls Night

5. While You Were Sleeping

This 90’s rom com stars Sandra Bullock, before she was being blindfolded and struggling for survival in Bird Box, as Lucy, a token collector at a train station in Chicago. Displeased with her single life, she sees a man waiting on the platform and fantasizes on what it’d be like to be dating a guy like that: good-looking and successful.

Suddenly, he gets mugged and falls onto the tracks hitting his head, becoming unconscious. Lucy jumps onto the tracks and saves his life. She arrives with him to the hospital, him still being unconscious and turning out to be in a coma. She starts talking to herself, wishfully thinking that she was his fiancee. A nurse overhears her and tells his family when they arrive that Lucy is engaged to the man.

The loving family welcomes her with open arms and she sees how happy they are that she just can’t bear to tell them the truth. She spends the holidays with the family while he remains in a coma, but is thrown a curve ball when his brother comes into town and meets Lucy. He begins to suspect she’s not really dating his brother, so he spends a lot of time with her, soon realizing that he may be falling for her himself.

5 Late 90’s Rom Coms That Are Perfect For A Girls Night

Are there any 90’s Rom Coms that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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