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15 Lasts You’ll Experience Senior Year

15 Lasts You’ll Experience Senior Year

If you’re a senior in college, you’re wrapping up another chapter in your life and preparing to move on to the “real world.” You have a whole year of “lasts” to experience—some happy and some sad (unless you plan on continuing your education at grad school, in which case, probably none of this applies to you). But for those of you who these do apply to, I completely understand how it feels to be both nervous and excited for this year to end. Here are 15 lasts you’ll experience senior year.

1. Last class with your favorite professor

By this point in your education and major, you’ve gotten to know your professors pretty well, and you have that one professor who’s changed you—the professor who has inspired you to think and live differently. The last class you take from him or her is bound to be a sad one.

2. Last finals week

Hallelujah. Let’s only hope you never have to take that many tests and write that many papers in one week again.


3. Last walk across campus

Unless you come back to visit, you’ll take your last walk across your campus this year. Take the time to soak it in and enjoy it.


4. Last time that it will be socially acceptable to stay in sweatpants 24/7, keep odd hours, and watch Netflix in the middle of the afternoon

Of course you can continue to do this after college, but you won’t have the solid community that supports this lifestyle like you have in fellow college students.


5. Last chance to travel somewhere new through study abroad

After college you probably will keep traveling and discover new places to fall in love with. However, traveling through your college is less expensive and includes lots of other students as traveling companions, so seize the opportunity next semester.

6. Last time seeing some of your college friends

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to friends. Luckily, you’ll have social media and your phone to keep in touch.

7. Last time you’ll live a split life between your hometown and college town

You’ll no longer be living the split life of holidays and summers at home and the school year at college.


8. Last rush to the library to print out a paper due in five minutes

This one won’t be missed unless you thrive on running into class out of breath.

9. Last time applying for FASFA and/or scholarships

How are you going to spend all your newly-found free time?

10. Last sporting event you attend as a student

You’ll attend your last (insert your favorite school sporting event here) as a student. Bust out your school spirit and deck out in your school’s colors.



11. Last Spring Break

If only you got to have a Spring Break from your job.

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12. Last time you get to use your student ID for discounts

Make it count while it lasts.

 13. Last time that your free time will be spent doing homework

The possibilities for pursuing hobbies are endless once you don’t have to spend your free time doing homework and studying.


14. Last time you’ll pay tuition

Nobody is going to miss that part of college.


15. Last time you’ll be a student

But that doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. You can still continue to read, write, and learn about the subjects that interest you.


About to graduate this spring? Share some of your Senior year lasts in the comments!
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