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Last Minute Summer Beach Vacations For When You Just Need A Break

Last Minute Summer Beach Vacations For When You Just Need A Break

The summer is the point of time where people decide they need a break from their everyday routine in life. As the summer dwindles, one of the best aspects of enjoying the warm weather will no longer be a great place to vacay. The beach will be cold and very less populated. So the idea of getting as much beach time before the summer is out is vital. So what are some last-minute beach vacations when you need a break? Well piking the right beaches to vacay at might be a little hard because it depends where you live. But these beaches are cheap and will provide you with a great experience. Here are five beaches that I have experienced that would be a great last-minute vacation for when you need a break for you and the family.

Ocean City

Ocean City Maryland is home to one of the cheapest but not very known beach destination. This beach offers many bars and a beautiful boardwalk with all kinds of local shops. The nightlife isn’t too amazing due to its being mostly a local beach, but it does have a couple of amazing clubs. If you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money but want to have a fun day in the sun before the summer is out, this is a beach destination you should choose Ocean City.

Atlantic City

One of the most famous beaches in the United States. The boardwalk is the longest in the whole East Coast.  By being so big, some workers literally will push you from one end of the boardwalk to the other side for a small fee. From the end to the end of the boardwalk, you can find many clubs, shops, hotels, and casinos. The nightlife is pretty great due to this being a considerable attraction to many people across the United States and the world.

This beach is a little bit pricey, but Atlantic City does offer a great experience for single-day visits. I’m from Baltimore, Maryland, and Atlantic City is about two hours away. There have been many times I have driven to Atlantic City from Baltimore early Saturday mornings and spent a whole day there, then drove home the following day. The best part was not spending a lot of money while there.  A lot of clubs and bars are free to get in. If you prepare well before going, you probably won’t spend no more than 20 dollars. Whether you like to gamble, club, run in the sand, attend Carnivals, Atlantic City is the place to be.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a very family-oriented place. If you are spending time with family on this vacation, this should be the destination you should choose. This beach isn’t very pricey when attending a lot of the attractions on the beach and the boardwalk. Out of all the beaches I have been to, Virginia Beach is by far the safest. Virginia’s police are known to be very strict. When spending time with your family and or friends, no one wants to be a target for danger.

At Virginia Beach, that is very unlikely because of the police and the way its setup. The beach is very long, but the nightlife is situated in a designated area of the beach. Virginia Beach offers basically the same as most beaches but nothing really stands out really. The water is pretty average, and the activities on the beach are OK. There will be a lot of military families and members there because it is close to one of the nation’s largest military bases.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is located in South Carolina. This beach is very similar to Virginia beach because its very family-oriented. During the summer, you will realize there place a massive destination for people participating in their family reunions. The vast population from locals and people visiting from family reunions makes the nightlife very fun because a lot of people will be out enjoying time with their families. Directly behind the boardwalk are shops that sell many beach items and other items. This beach is very pricey, and you can pretty much have fun without utilizing spending any funds. This boardwalk is set up a little different than most beaches I have visited. Usually, boardwalks have many shops on it. Myrtle Beach has many hotels in the area where the boardwalk would be in many other beach setups. You can walk outside your hotel and be at the beach.

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Miami Beach

The epitome of beaches. Miami Beach is the mecca of all beaches the United States has to offer. Not only is the beach a highly sought-out place for celebrities, and many citizens throughout the country, but this beach provides an astonishing beautiful site. This beach has beautiful blue water. The beach offers something that I have never seen at any beach I have been too. Miami Beach has an outside gym on the beach.

The gym on the beach has weights, pull up bars, medicine bars, and weight benches. This beach is perfect for a great beach experience. The boardwalk is pretty long, with multiple restaurants and shops. The nightlife is a huge attraction, highlighted by the notorious club known as LIV. With so many celebrities using Miami Beach as a great getaway destination, it is more than likely you will run into a star while you are staying there. This beach is very pricey because it’s a huge attraction, but you can have a good time because they have a lot of cheap entrance fees for clubs. Just get on a red-eye flight and come to Miami Beach, regardless of the amount of money one has, you will for sure have a good time there.

These beach destinations will definitely a great last-minute summer beach destination for you and your family. Do you have last-minute summer beach destinations to visit? Leave a comment below!

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