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15 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

15 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

15 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Spooky season is almost upon us! As much as I love this time of year, I find myself always waiting until the last minute to pick out my Halloween costume. And I know I am not alone on that one! To give you some ideas for this year, here are 15 Halloween costumes you can throw together at the last minute.

1. Witch

This one is pretty simple. Honestly, all you need is some black clothing and a black witch hat. Bonus points if you can find some black gloves at your local costume shop too. Finish the look with a darker makeup look, like a smokey eye, and if you are feeling bold, throw on some black lipstick!

2. Minnie Mouse

If you are a Disneyland fan, break out the Minnie ears and you have got yourself a costume. Pair a plain black top with a colorful skirt that you will DIY by adding the classic white polka dots with some fabric glue. Add a little mouse nose with makeup and you are done!


3. Daphne and Velma

Daphne and Velma is a great duo costume for you and your BFF! For Daphne, you will want to wear a purple mini dress with a light green scarf. As for the accessories, you will just need a lilac headband. To dress as Velma, wear an orange turtleneck or long sleeve, with a red high-waisted skirt. Do not forget the glasses!

4. Sandy From Grease

You probably already own everything for this costume! Pair a black crop top with some black high-waisted pants, and if it is cold, throw a leather jacket over top. Bring in that pop of color with some red high heels and do not forget Sandy’s classic curls!

5. Risky Business

This is such an easy costume to throw together! All you will really need is some sunglasses, white knee socks, and an oversized button-down top. You could probably find all of those items in your dad’s closet, TBH.


6. Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls costume to super cute for a trio to do, but you can of course do it alone as well. To dress as Buttercup, you will want to pick out more grunge style pieces, like a black dress with a choker necklace. Add touches of green with the hair and other accessories. For Blossom, think pink and reds. Add a big bow to your high pony, too. Finally, if you are dressing as Bubbles, put your hair up into two high pigtails, add a blue dress and some matching accessories.

7. Space Cowgirl

This costume has become super popular in recent years! You will of course need a cowboy hat for this one, but the possibilities for clothing items are endless. Any holographic and iridescent pieces would look perfect.

8. Tinkerbell

For this Tinkerbell costume, all you will need is a mini green dress (bonus points if it is glittery!) and some fairy wings. You can curl your hair for a more modern look or put it up into bun just like Tinkerbell.


9. The Plastics

Get in loser, we’re going shopping! Head to your local mall and pick up anything pink to dress as the Plastics from Mean Girls. Remember, you cannot wear a tank top two days in a row, you can only wear your hair in a pony once a week, jeans and track pants are only allowed on Fridays, and always wear pink on Wednesdays.

10. Angel

Angels are a classic Halloween costume. Start off by wearing all white clothing pieces. You can do a dress, pants and a top, a skirt, etc. Add some angel wings and a halo and you’re good to go!

11. Cat

This one is fairly simple. Wear all black pieces, such as a black crop top and black shorts. Pair that with some black knee-high boots and do not forget the cat ears (the most important part)! Finish the look by adding a cat nose and whiskers with makeup, and black lipstick.

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12. Blair Waldorf

This one is for all of you Gossip Girl lovers out there. Channel your inner Blair Waldorf on Halloween this year by dressing in her iconic school uniform. Grab a white button-down and tuck it into a pleated skirt with some knee-high socks. Do not forget to add B’s classic yellow headband!

13. Boxer

Knock Halloween out the park with this one (pun intended). For this boxer costume, start by throwing on a matching sports bra and shorts set. It can be black, white, or whatever color you would like. Add a robe and some cute white tennis shoes. Finish the look with some braids!


14. Disney Princesses Gone Wild

These costumes are some of my absolute faves! It would be great to do this with a group of friends, but again, you can always do it alone if you choose to. This is a little twist on the classic Disney princess costumes.

Pick out your favorite princess, or the one you feel you resemble the most. Do your makeup a little bit darker and messier than normal, and then add some cuts and bruises with makeup as well. Mess up your hair a little bit, and do not forget to make the mugshot board for your photos!

15. Clown Costume

This clown costume really comes together with the makeup. As for the clothes, you can pretty much wear anything white you have on hand. Add a white neckpiece as well.


For the makeup, you obviously need to draw on the red nose. Do black lines and a black smokey eye to make it look super creepy, and finish with some black lipstick and some red balloons!

Which costume listed above was your favorite? Have you started planning your Halloween costume yet or are you waiting until the last minute just like me? Let us know in the comments below!

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