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12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

Though I am a huge scaredy-cat, Halloween is my favorite holiday. It all stems from walking into a Michaels during the Halloween season and seeing all of the village sets that would move and make noise. I also loved the Disney channel Halloween movies that would play. Plus, I would get so much candy and I loved to sit in my living room and sort out all of the different kinds. Then, my sister and I would trade the ones we didn’t like.

Getting ready for Halloween night was the best. I loved to dress up and for one night, I could be someone other than me. Now that I am older, I realize how much easier it was to figure out a costume as a little kid. Now it seems to be such a chore to figure out a costume. Plus, plans change so quickly as adults, it feels almost not worth finding a costume.

Well, if you are in the same boat and have no idea what you are going to do, here are some last minute Halloween costumes that can be done with just some makeup. There are a few that will need some actual clothing to make sense, but most of these you can put an outfit together by going to a thrift store and picking out old clothes.

1. Marilyn Monroe

Let’s start with a very classic Halloween costume. Marilyn Monroe is perfect for last minute. If you already have a fancy dress, maybe you saved a prom dress, pull that baby out, through on some classy makeup with those red lips and boom, you have just Monroed yourself.

Last minute Halloween costumes like this can easily be put together from thrift store finds. You can also go out and buy kids fake jewelry to bling up your costume. Just have fun with it and don’t feel like you have to make it perfect.

12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

2. Doe

I would have never thought of does as last minute Halloween costumes, but this Halloween costume is so cute and can be done super easily. A lot of this costume is just makeup and I am sure there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube to help you accomplish this look.

If there are any Janes that are reading this article, I suggest choosing this outfit if you plan on going to a part and need a funny Halloween costume. You can be the Jane Doe of the party and I am sure everyone will find very funny!

12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

3. It Clown

The It movies always scared me a little bit more than other scary movies. The It clown is just so creepy but has such a cool look to him. This is a perfect last minute Halloween costume as much of the look is makeup. Like in the photo below, all you have to pair it with are some red and white clothing.

If you are looking to really get the fool look, tease your hair to kind of poof it up and spray it red with some safe hair spray paint. Really make sure to get those lips nice and red as he is usually eating kids so he will have a bloody mouth.

12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

4. Frankenstein’s Monster’s Bride

So Frankenstein is not really the monster, he is the creator. So, why not be Frankenstein’s monster’s bride for this Halloween. I am adding this to the last minute Halloween costumes list because most of this look is also really just makeup. You can use safe white hair spray paint to get that streak in your hair. Then you just need to wear a white dress that I am sure you could find at any thrift store.

12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

5. Spider Eye

Don’t complicate things this Halloween with crazy costumes, these last minute Halloween costumes are supposed to help take the stress off of figuring out what to be. It can be as easy as finding spider leg eyelashes to make it look like you have a spider eye.

This is a very simple Halloween costume that you can customize whichever way you like. Maybe the spider has some yellow in it, or maybe you want to do a black widow spider. Whatever you choose, this costume will allow you to play around a little bit with makeup to really make a cool look.

12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

6. Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil is a nasty Disney villain but makes a great addition to this last minute Halloween costumes list. You might have to do some digging for the perfect jacket for this costume, but as you can see, most of that Dalmatian print shows up on the face makeup which makes such a cool effect.

Don’t fret too much if you can’t really get the same look like the one below. If you are able to find Dalmatian print to wear, don’t worry about that Dalmatian print makeup and do her usual look. It will still look super cool.

12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

7. Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is one of my favorite Halloween movies. It is creepy and funny and Beetlejuice is just so gross. This is my favorite look out of the last minute Halloween costumes I have found just because it is pretty basic and can be done with just makeup, but it has such a cool look.

You can easily find a black and white striped shirt at a thrift store or even Macy’s or Kohls. Or if you are looking to take it one step further, try to find the red suit. I know Hot Topic was selling some at one point, but really bring Beetlejuice’s character to life with this really awesome makeup look.

12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

8. Candy Corn Clown

If you are looking for a clown look that isn’t as creepy as the It clown, here is a super cute candy corn clown look that can be accomplished pretty easily with some makeup. Find as much orange, yellow, and white you can for your outfit and pair it with this makeup look to get a super cute and fun last minute Halloween costume that everyone will love.

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12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

9. Leopard

Remember in Mean Girls when Halloween costumes were just finding the sexiest lingerie and putting on animal ears to make it a costume? Well, you can do the same thing, but add some actual animal print makeup to make the look seem even more legit.

You saw the doe costume above, but if you are looking for something even easier and that is truly a last minute Halloween costume, then go with a leopard look. All you need to do is add some leopard print to your face and neck and boom, you got yourself a costume.

12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

10. Mermaid or Sea Witch

Here is another look that is growing very popular with last minute Halloween costumes. We have now found out that fishnet tights can be used to create that scaley look. You can make yourself into a beautiful mermaid princess or a sea witch this Halloween. This look is great for either one.

12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

11. Pop Art

Pop art is becoming very popular when it comes to last minute Halloween costumes. This very easy look can be accomplished with just some face paint and makeup. There are many different looks out there that you can copy from and I am sure that there are a lot of tutorials to show you just how to get the right lines marked on your face.

12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

12. Violet Beauregarde

If you are looking for the easiest last minute Halloween costumes, look no further. Violet Beauregarde is not a costume you normally see but is a super cool one and one that can be done with just makeup. Don’t worry about trying to a blue tracksuit, just wear anything that is blue. Remember in the old movie, she’s wearing a blue school girl outfit.

12 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Done With Just Makeup

Don’t stress about your Halloween costumes this year. Just try out one of these last minute Halloween costumes that are easy and can be done with mostly just makeup. What last minute Halloween costumes were your favorites? Let us know down below!

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