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10 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas When You’re Short On Time

10 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas When You’re Short On Time

Father’s day is coming up in a few months but, with every holiday, it’s easy to lose track of time, even for the important ones. The father figure in our lives is definitely one to be celebrated, they are our first heroes when we are children, a source of guidance, love, and undying support. But even if we try to put a lot of thought into a gift for our dad, the truth is that we will most likely leave it until the last minute. Thankfully, fathers are patient and will always appreciate whatever we come up with. Here are ten last minute Father’s Day gift ideas when you’re short on time!

1. A Gift Basket of His Essentials

Sticking to essentials is never a bad thing when it comes to choosing last minute Father’s Day gift ideas. Even if he doesn’t need them right now, he will at some point, so put together a gift basket of all his daily essentials like shaving cream, shampoo, and cologne. Most of the items can be bought at any store and a gift basket comes together quick!


2. This Cute Canvas

Dad’s have this magic touch to help solve most of our problems, from fixing something in our car to helping us move our furniture around. He’s always there to give a helping hand so this cute canvas is the perfect last minute gift idea (or something similar) for him to hang in his room!

3. This Crafty Trophy

Dad’s aren’t picky, but for all their hard work they deserve some sort of award. If you are short on time but feeling crafty, try putting together a cute little trophy for him to display and for you to show off what a great dad he is!

4. Give Him A Bouquet

Even your father deserves a flower bouquet every now and then. Just make sure to get him his favorites and share a cold one with him!


5. A Gift Basket of His Favorite Snacks

Another great gift basket idea that you can make in just a few minutes is one with his favorite snacks! It’ll put a big smile on his face to see you got all his go-to snacks ready for the next football so he doesn’t have to go out and get them himself!

6. A Personalized Hammer

Since most dads are handymen and tend to use a lot of tools, getting him a personalized hammer makes one of the best last minute Father’s Day gift ideas!


7. Or A Personalized Saw

And if your dad is big on DIY projects like rebuilding furniture, a personalized saw to hang in his tool shed will also delight him! Just make sure to buff out the sharp edges to avoid anyone getting hurt!

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8. A Nice Breakfast

Maybe you don’t have time to put a gift basket or craft together for your dad, it’s okay! He’ll be just as happy with a nice breakfast to wake up to! Whip up his choice of pancakes or scrambled eggs or run out and get him his favorite donuts. Really your dad will enjoy you just being there with him!


9. Something To Make Him Laugh

And since dads tend to have the best sense of humor, this is a great last minute Father’s Day gift idea (that you can literally find in the bathroom) to get a good laugh out of him on his special day!

10. A Little Reminder

No matter what you get your dad for Father’s Day, the important thing is that it comes from your heart and shows him just what you love about him. This cute decor is a nice reminder to him of all the qualities he has that make him the best dad ever!


Which of these last minute Father’s Day gift ideas will you be giving your father this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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