4 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween, the time to step out of your comfort zone and be whatever your imagination takes you to. Whether you don’t want to shell out the money to buy a costume, you would rather put your creativity to use and make your own costume, or you just realized that Halloween is only a few days away and you don’t have a costume yet – here are 4 last minute DIY Halloween costume ideas that you can easily throw together in a pinch.

1. Cleopatra

Cleopatra the Egyptian Pharaoh. This is a very easy costume to recreate since all the emphasis is placed on your face and jewelry. To make this costume you’ll need:

Once you’ve put your dress on (cinched with a belt if you prefer), laced up your sandals, layered on the bracelets and assembled the headpiece; the tricky part is the makeup. Cleopatra always had very dramatic and defined eyes so that’s exactly what you need to go for when doing your makeup. Don’t forget to draw on an ankh for an authentic touch, of course!

2. Cowgirl


This one is another simple costume that can be put together with a bunch of things already found in your closet. All you need is:

All you have to do is put everything together and giddy-up cowgirl!

3. Harley Quinn


Depending on which Harley Quinn style you’re going for, this one will probably take a bit more creativity, but can be fun all the same. For this costume you’ll need:

Also, Harley absolutely loves black and red. So whatever you choose to wear, make you include a combination of the two! All of these items can be found at your nearest Hot topic or a Spencers (or even a thrift store) and are relatively cheap.

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4. Magenta (Rocky Horror Picture Show)


This one is by far the easiest to recreate since you don’t need that many pieces to get the look. What you do need is:

The key feature that will differentiate Magenta from all of the other maids on Halloween is the hair. Once you accompany your maid costume with huge, fluffed out hair, you will instantly be transformed into Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Share your favorite DIY Halloween costume ideas in the comments below!
Feature image source: quoteshunger.com
Jasmine Tuitt

Jasmine is a student at Kansas State University majoring in Psychology and International Studies with a minor in Spanish. She likes fashion, traveling, yoga, and pretending she knows what she’s doing in life.

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