7 Laptop Accessories From Amazon and Etsy That You Need Right Now

From the classroom to the coffee shop, through rain or shine, our laptops follow us everywhere! They’ve been there through all of the papers and last minute emails. Don’t you think it’s time we said thank you? Or maybe you’ve just had your computer for awhile, like me, and you’re ready to spice things up a bit with some new laptop accessories. If you tend to be a bit clumsy, a hard case is a great way to go. Or if you want to change the whole look of your computer, a skin is a good choice. If you want something a little smaller, go for a cute decal. Below are 7 laptop accessories from Amazon and Etsy that will make your laptop feel like new!

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These are such cute laptop accessories from Amazon and Etsy!

1. A Hard Cover For Ultimate Protection.

A hard laptop cover will ensure, your computer is protected. But protection doesn’t have to be boring. A nice marble case will give your laptop a sleek and sophisticated look, or try a floral hard case for a girly, chic vibe! And if you’re looking to completely bedazzle your laptop and bring out your inner diva, go for a gorgeous glitter case!



2. A Sleek Skin Cover.

So maybe hard cases aren’t your thing. You don’t like the bulkiness and prefer the lightweight sleek shape of your laptop. If that’s the case, go for skin decal that will transform the entire look of your laptop without adding any extra layers! With so many cute ones to choose from, how will you ever decide? Maybe you prefer a rustic vintage pattern or maybe a gorgeous marble skin with gold accents that transforms your laptop into a piece of artwork!


3. Screen Protectors Are A Must.

The worst feeling is to see smudges or scratches on your computer screen. If your anything like me it will drive you mad. A screen protector will protect your screen and your privacy with an anti-glare feature. Now you can finally send those last minute papers in class without being caught!

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4. Dust, Dust Go Away!

From pressing buttons with greasy fingers to just leaving our computers open for long periods of time, dust can and will accumulate. Luckily, Amazon has the answer with these amazing microfiber wipes designed specifically for cleaning dirt, grime and dust off screens.


5. Keep Your Laptop Safe With The Right Bag Or Backpack.

Between classes, you want to ensure your laptop remains safe, but also stylish. I personally use a Herschel backpack. It has enough space for all my books and contains a special laptop compartment. Make sure your laptop is always safe with a bag that has a laptop compartment complete with padding!

6. Fun Decals!

There’s nothing better than adding your own little personal touch to your laptop. Are you and your fur friend besties? Add a cute pooch to your laptop! Or maybe you have a show that you binge watch on said laptop and want the decal to go along with it? Maybe your favorite quote…or a city skyline? The possibilities are endless here! Have fun picking one out that really captures your personality!

7. Dress Up That Keyboard!

Keep those keys protected from dirt, grime and crumbs with a keyboard cover! There are so many cute ones out there that not only protect your laptop but give it a serious style makeover each time you open it up!

Do you know of any other cute laptop accessories that we should include on this list? Share in the comments below!
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