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10 Lamps Perfect For Your Dorm Room

10 Lamps Perfect For Your Dorm Room

Nothing is more important in creating a room’s atmosphere than lighting. It affects the mood, the furniture placement, and simply the quality of life of that location. That’s why you should spare no effort when buying the ideal lamps for your living spaces. Whether you’re going for a bright, cheerful setting or a dim, subtle mood, you need the best lighting possible. These are some of the best lamps you’ll find, perfect for any room imaginable!

1) Wrought Studio Lower Hazel Table Lamp

This table lamp is elegant and classy, bringing a sophisticated air to its location of choice. It feels so refined thanks to its smooth wooden base, comprised of hazelwood.  Thanks to its small size, this lamp can fill many spaces in your home. It can rest in the middle of a table as a centerpiece, be the lighting for your work desk, or simply brighten a corner of any room. It will fit in well with any prized heirlooms or knick knacks, but won’t look out of place among cheaper items or even on it’s own. All of its qualities make this lamp the ideal choice for any smaller space that needs illumination, wherever that may be.

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2) Orren Ellis Bricelyn Column Floor Lamp

What makes this lamp stand out from the rest is its unique design. This floor lamp has an incredibly minimalistic, efficient design, making use of a few simple metal rails. Looking at this lamp, you might find your eye equally drawn to the negative, absent space as you are to its warm lightning. Thanks to how thin it is, this light can fit well in cramped spaces with lots of furniture. Just make sure the base is stable and you can shift it anywhere you need. This lamp is an excellent choice for living rooms, dining rooms, and any large space made for activity.

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3) Brightech Maxwell LED Table Lamp

The Maxwell Lamp is a visually appealing choice thanks to its design, clearly aiming towards a cubic, blocky composition.  These types of lamps are a great choice for bedrooms or bathrooms because, while they can be bright as needed, they offer a dimmer, almost drowsy sort of light. It’s also an amazing fit for your nightstand. Of course, as a table lamp, it can fit in any small place you want, so feel free to use it in a busy room and let others marvel at this unique block of a lamp.

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4) Tom Dixon Bell Table Lamp

The Dixon Bell lamp gives one a strong idea of a steampunk-like technology. Thanks to their shiny exteriors and combination of unique shapes, these lamps feel both futuristic and old-fashioned. They come in multiple metallic colors, offering a variety of choices to match with your furniture and room. These lamps make excellent desk and reading lamps, with most of their provided light pointing downward. Give the Dixon Bell lamp a home in your office space, study, or wherever reading gets done.

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5) MoMA Design Flowerpot Lamp

The flowerpot lamp is similar to the bell lamp, and also comes in a variety of colors. They both work great in sets, allowing you a full range of colors and giving your home a feeling of interconnectedness. Their smooth, slim design lets them fit in just about anywhere. This style of lamp was initially created in France in the early 70’s, making it a well endured lamp design. They have lasted so long for good reason. Whether you make a gallery of them in one room or spread them throughout your house, these flowerpot lamps truly belong in your home.

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6) Azalea Task Floor Lamp

These floor lamps are peculiar due to their thin frame and orb light, giving it a sense of weight, as if the spherical light is simply hanging off a metal pole. These lamps provide a wide, healthy light, perfectly lighting up a dreary room. The Azalea lamp is reminiscent of a street lamp, but much more effeciently designed, making it a great fit for your living room or bedroom.

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7) JAlexander Adjustable Task Table Lamp

By combining sleek blacks with shining golds, this table lamp is an elegant piece of art. Not only does this lamp feel artistically designed, but it is very convenient. Thanks to its many hinges, you can adjust this lamp’s height and direction, giving you a wide variety of uses. This is another lamp that fits well in a work space, especially one with small corners and places shade can easily fall. This lamp certainly won’t leave you in the dark.

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8) MAJORNA Floor Lamp With LED Bulb

This floor lamp is designed like an ancient Greek column, making it an extremely visually and interesting option. It is essentially a pillar of light. It may take up a little more space than some other lamps on this list, so it fits best in a room with wider spaces available. It works great in the living room or bedroom, thanks to the strong presence of light without being harsh and glaring.


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9) LeviMoon Levitating Moon Light

One of the most unique lamps you’ll find out there, this light is a perfect imitation of the moon. This moon actually levitates above its base, consistently rotating without the need of any human interaction. It even has different light settings to simulate different atmosphere conditions, like more yellow or orange colors. This lamp is definitely a centerpiece, and something you’ll want to show off and admire daily. This lamp literally lets you carry the moon in your hands!


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10) Hammond Green Glass Brass Bankers Table Lamp

Finally, we have another lamp that truly is the epitome of class. With a shiny metallic base and a jade lampshade, this lamp looks like it was forged out of rare gems and gold from a treasure chest. This lamp is a great choice for smaller workspaces, giving your desk or table a refined atmosphere. With its beaded drawstring, this classic lamp is simple to turn on and off. It’s simply a must-have for anyone spending a great deal of time at their desk.


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These are some of our favorite home decor lamps! Which of these are you excited to purchase? Let us know in the comments!

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