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5 Lakes That Make Good Camp Sites In New England

Camping is a lot of fun. Camping near a lake makes the camping experience that much better. But the camping itself is only half of the camping trip. You also have to include hiking, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. It’s all so much fun and worth the research to find the best place to go camping. These are some lakes that make good camp sites.

1. Tully Lake in Royalston, MA

Lake Tully Campground in Royalston, MA is one of the best camping and recreational areas in New England. The lake is two hundred acres of a flood-controlled dam, with the neighboring regions being heavily wooded. It is one of the best campgrounds in the region if you are passionate about outdoor activities, like, hiking, biking, canoeing, and kayaking. If you are a fan of disc golf, then this is a really good camping site for you to visit.

Tully Lake is one of the lakes that make good camp sites because there’s so much to do there, and you’ll never be bored. There’s hiking, swimming, anything else you can think of to do in the water. You could do anything you want there, basically. It is a really good place to go visit and explore, and it’s one of the best in New England, too. The lake is so pretty to look at, too, that it would be worth going to Tully Lake just to look at the scenery around you. There are so many animals that you can spot, too. It will be a good camping trip.

2. Mooselookmeguntic in Oquossoc, ME

This is Stephen Phillips Memorial Preserve on Mooselookmeguntic Lake in Oquossoc, Maine. These have the best facilities for camping. It is a 6,000-acre preserve featuring hills, woodlands, open grounds, and the lake. With nothing but the sounds of nature surrounding you, it’s one of the best campsites in New England for those who want to completely detach from modernity and have a deep reflection on life.

Mooselookmeguntic Lake is one of the lakes that make good camp sites. The grounds have a total of sixty-seven tents only sites, both on the island and on the mainland. Each site comes with clean toilets, fireplaces, and picnic tables. The campgrounds are excellent for anyone who wants to get away and forget about everything for a little while. There are really good hiking opportunities, good spots to go fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. Anything you normally do outdoors can be done at Mooselookmeguntic Lake.

3. Sebago Lake in Casco, ME

Sebago Lake State Park is in Casco, Maine. It is a 1,400-acre campground, meaning there’s plenty of space for you to explore. It is preferred by families because of its family-friendly activities. There are more than 250 wooded sites and miles upon miles of shoreline. This site not only guarantees lots of views of nature and the water but endless outdoor activities that are fun for the whole family. Everyone will love going to this campsite.

Sebago Lake is one of the lakes that make good camp sites. Most families love coming back to the site, simply to bask, swim, hike the wooded trails, and fish for salmon and trout on the lake. You can kayak, canoe, go boating in the water. Anything you want to do when you go camping, you can do at Sebago Lake. People love going camping for the opportunity to be outside and be part of nature. You are definitely outside and a part of nature when you go camping at Sebago Lake. That’s probably the best part.

4. Pawtuckaway State Park in Nottingham, NH

This state park is in the southern part of New Hampshire, between Concord and the coast. There are 192 campsites in the woods and most of them have a view of the lake. The lake has a very nice beach and the lake is very swimmable. You can rent canoes and kayaks, and there’s a boat launch that you can use. There are showers and a store there for whatever you might have forgotten. There are also five cabins that can sleep up to six people each, with electricity.

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Pawtuckaway State Park is one of the lakes that make good camp sites. There are a lot of hiking trails, leading to a low mountaintop with a fire tower, a large beaver marsh, and a boulder field strewn with huge glacial erratics that were dropped here by retreating glacial ice as it melted at the end of the Ice Age. A good camp site isn’t just about the camping itself. It’s about the outdoor activities you can do while camping. Pawtuckaway Lake has so much to do that’s not just swimming in the lake.

5. Umbagog Lake Park in Cambridge, NH

Umbagog Lake is in both Maine and New Hampshire. Part of it is within a New Hampshire State Park, but most of it is part of the Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge. It is one of the top lakes to kayak in New England. There is a beach for swimming, and the fishing there is amazing. The wildlife viewing is really nice, with sightings of moose, deer, small mammals, eagles, and a wide variety of other birds.

Lake Umbagog is another one of the lakes that make good camp sites in New England. The lakeside campground includes 27 tent or RV sites with electric and water hookups, 33 remote sites around the lake that are reached only by boat, and three cabins. You can rent canoes, kayaks, and rowboats, and the park can provide transportation to the remote sites. This lake is very good for hiking and exploring a national park. It is also good for camping and being in the woods. You’ll see the lake wherever you are on the campgrounds.

I haven’t been camping at many places before, so I probably missed a lot of the good places. If I missed a lake you like to go to, feel free to drop it in the comment section down below!

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