7 Laid Back Summer Outfits You’ll Love Wearing

One of the best things about summer is the ability to dress in laid back outfits all the time. Being able to put on a pair of shorts and your favorite comfy shirt is heavenly. Considering that this season is dedicated to relaxation and leisurely activities your wardrobe should consist of the best comfortable options available.

Whether you’re going on a grand summer adventure or just planning on enjoying your months off at home below are seven outfits you’ll be wearing all summer.

1. Cut Off Shorts

Cut off shorts are a definite summer staple and there’s a reason for that. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of blue, denim, cut off shorts. They’re the such a versatile item because you can pair them with nearly everything else on this list. Whether you decide to dress them up or down they will never look bad. Bonus points if you’re actually able to make your own.

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2. Tie Dye Shirt

Tie dye is making a comeback this summer, this style is no longer exclusive to dressing up as a hippie from the 1960s. What’s nice about this print is that it’s perfect to wear on hot summer days but cute enough to continue wearing on long summer nights.

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3. Oversized T-Shirt Dress

Wearing a dress is a great way to make it look like you put in a lot of thought without having to actually put forth that much effort. T-shirt dresses are flowy, breathable and flatter anyone regardless of your body type. If wearing summer dresses just aren’t your thing instead opting for a laid back  t-shirt dress will be perfect for you.

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4. Band T-Shirts

Another summer classic are band t-shirts. They’re perfect because they’re a significant step up from simple graphic t-shirts and they have more personality than a plain shirt. You can scour your local thrift store for that perfect classic rock band t-shirts or instead use this outfit as an opportunity to showoff all of the amazing summer concerts you’ve been to. Band t-shirts look cute oversized, tied up or if you feel daring you can always cut them into a DIY crop top.

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5. Tied Tank

A simple tied tank can add a little bit of spice to a laid back outfit. This is a no fuss outfit for anyone who appreciates simplicity. For a lot of people summertime is very, very warm and want their laid back summer outfits to keep them cool above all. Wearing a tank that ties in the front will keep you cool and comfortable without sacrificing practicality.

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6. Bike Shorts & A Crop Top

If you live in leggings but if where you live is somewhere that is way too warm for them during the summer consider investing in a great pair of bike shorts. They offer more coverage than just a pair of spandex by hitting you mid-thigh. They’re perfect for laid back summer outfits because you can pair them with a variety of tops. If you pair them with a loose-fitted t-shirt or a crop top they will look more Monica Gellar and less Tour de France.

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7. Overalls

There’s a reason why overalls continue making a comeback, it’s because they’re incredibly comfortable. A good pair of denim overalls is something you’ll want to include in your summer wardrobe. The word “overall” can be intimidating and inspire thoughts of farmers and toddlers. If you’re afraid of looking like you work a baby who works in agriculture consider pairing your overalls with a cute bodysuit or crop top.

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What is your favorite laid back summer outfits? Comment below!

Shelby Filangi

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