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6 LA Food Instagrams You Should Be Following

6 LA Food Instagrams You Should Be Following

Are you a total food lover and an Instagram nut? Then totally check out this article for LA Food Instagrams you need to follow.
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Have you ever had that moment when you’re absolutely starving and there seems to be nothing to eat in the fridge, so in what seems as a cruel twist of fate your Instagram explore page becomes a hub for all things cheesy, fried, and chocolatey? This always happens to me at the worst times–stuck in traffic, in class, or in the middle of the night. Despite the minor “inconveniences” that these accounts may bring you, following food Instagrams are a must —  especially in the city of Los Angeles with its rich, delicious cuisine. We’ve scoured the Internet for the very best food accounts for all the foodies out in LA and these are ten LA food Instagrams you NEED to follow! Happy scrolling and happy eating!

1. @lindseyeatsla

The first thing that any good Insta profile needs to have is an eye-catching theme. Lindsey, or @lindseyeatsla as she’s known to her nearly 65,000 followers, is a pro when it comes to her theme. Whether it’s a home cooked meal or a trendy LA classic, she makes every shot bright, colorful, and look AMAZING! This is one of the best LA food Instagrams!

2. @dineLA

Perfect if you’re native to the Los Angeles area and if you just moved here for school, @dineLA is the go-to account when you’re looking for new spots to hit up. From delectable sushi spots to hidden burger joints, it can always be found and featured on their Instagram. If you ever want to try and get your photos posted on the account make sure you use the hashtag #dineLA!


3. @bestfoodla

All I can say is “YUM” when I scroll through this account’s feed. Dubbed the city’s best food feed, @bestfoodla does not mess around with good eats as evidenced by the nearly 150k followers they have amassed. This Instagram is every LA foodie’s dream rolled into one clean cut profile.

4. @letmeeatcake

Okay, pizza, fries, and sandwiches are great and all, but if you have a bit of a sweet tooth you might be looking for the perfect dessert Insta page. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck as @letmeeatcake is exactly that and more! After following this account snaps of the best ice cream, cookies, and cake in Los Angeles will flood your feed and trust me, you won’t be complaining!

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5. @alfred

Our next account just so happens to be a super trendy Los Angeles staple restaurant. Alfred Coffee + Kitchen, known for its iconic “But, first” cups and beautiful interior, has an Instagram to match its stunning cafe. You have definitely double tapped your favorite YouTubers, models, and influencers posts from Alfred in the past, now you can get all of that and more straight from the source From perfectly edited snaps of their snacks and drinks to shots of glam bloggers sipping on chai lattes, @alfred will give you all of the bougie LA vibes you could ever ask for.

6. @spoon_usc

This list would be incomplete without us supporting our fellow Trojans over at Spoon University USC! As the official food account of the Trojan family, @spoon_usc posts all of the best spots to eat around campus/all of LA! Their DMs are open, so if anyone has some delicious grub to share with them feel free. This account is a must follow if you love food and USC as much as we do, so remember to click that follow button and keep fighting on!!

What are your favorite LA food Instagrams? Let us know in the comments below!
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