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5 L.A. Brunch Spots To Explore On A Sunday

5 L.A. Brunch Spots To Explore On A Sunday

Brunch is Los Angeles’ most beloved and sacred activity, and when you follow it, you are 100% devoted. If you’re not based in L.A. you probably still witness the most wonderful brunch spots thanks to Instagram and its influencers with magical worldwide reach. Angelinos take brunch very seriously, to the point that the whole entire weekend is based upon brunch plans and brunch spots. So, if you want to follow in their steps or at least check out the trendiest places, take a look at this 5 L.A. brunch spots to explore on a Sunday. 

1. Malibu Farm Café

Malibu Farm Café is the ultimate farmhouse dream, combining crisp-white décor, reclaimed wooden furniture, cute instagram-worthy drinks, delicious dishes and the most wonderful ocean view. The brisk ocean breeze, the salty scent and the lull of the crashing waves make this place the most perfect location for Sunday Brunch. It caters to all tastes, offering brunch till 12pm, and lunch afterwards.  A fun drink menu includes the fan-favorite “frosé” (frozen rosé), mimosas, white sangrias and more. If you’re craving breakfast all day, you can head over to their location at the end of the pier that offers this service till closing time. Although this restaurant doesn’t offer reservations and the wait can be quite, it’s totally worth it. You can sit right on top of the ocean at the skinny deck, on top of the beach at the outdoor seating area (which has the most amazing bohemian vibes) or in the dreamy indoor section for when the sun is too intense, or for when the temperatures drop. What’s the catch? You’ll not only have the most amazing view and delicious food, but you’ll also be able to take the cutest photos in town. 


2. The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker

This brunch spot is as funky and original as the name itself. Inspired by the white crisp décor that has been going around Instagram and Pinterest for quite a while, The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker is certainly the place to be on a warm weekend morning. Located on the heart of Sunset Drive, this cute little café is dreamy and beautiful, visually pleasing too. It’s perfect for any type of eater, since the menu is quite varied offering breakfast, brunch, lunch and even dinner options at any time of the day. The most famous item on the menu? The colorful latte, a trendy coffee that will most definitely make it to your IG feed as soon as it gets to your table. I mean, how to resist photographing this funky drink? We guarantee you won’t get this experience anywhere else. Make sure you have reservations though, because this brunch spot has been poppin’ non-stop since day one.

3. Bluestone Lane in Venice Beach

Just in case you haven’t heard of Bluestone Lane, it’s basically heaven on earth. An Australian-inspired coffee, café and lifestyle brand, this place is scattered all around Los Angeles, making it your ultimate go-to for amazing coffee. However, the Venice Beach spot, located at 523 Rose Avenue, is an actual restaurant that not only looks like it was taken right out of a Pinterest board, but also offers amazing, fresh and delicious dishes made from globally sourced ingredients. Open for breakfast, brunch and lunch, here you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds: outstanding coffee and flavorsome options that range from warm coconut quinoa & oat porridge, green baked eggs, vegan chickpea burger, to a moroccan grain bowl and even a wide selection of beer, wine and handcrafted cocktails. Designed to mimic a relaxed old-school beachside spot, this will be your new hangout. Oh, and don’t forget your camera, you’ll actually want to grab a photo or two, because it’s all truly aesthetically pleasing, dishes included.


4. Bea Bea’s 

Located in Studio City this brunch spot is not your typical picture-perfect trendy spot. Instead it’s more like your local mom & pop diner that has amazing food and no decoration at all. Who cares? This place is known as pancake paradise, offering more than 2o crazy variations that range between matcha pancakes, to red raspberry and Oreos too. They also have mouthwatering waffles and French toast with fun flavors such as rocky road, coco Caribbean, apple pumpkin and many others that you won’t resist. The line here can be crazy, but it’s honestly worth it. You’ll be able to tase the most amazing pancakes in the entire world, they just melt in your mouth, no matter what flavor you choose. The catch? If you’re not a fan of sweet breakfasts, it’s totally fine, the salty and savory options are endless, and you’ll have the most amazing breakfast burritos you’ll ever try. You might not be able to grab a cool trendy photo, but you’ll definitely want to grab a picture of the most photogenic, mouthwatering pancakes everyone will want to try!

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5. Sqirl

It’s simple and straightforward: Sqirl is just out of this world. This tiny hidden gem looks like no big deal from the outside, but the inside is pure goodness. Not touristy at all, usually only locals know about it, which makes it even more appealing. Open only for breakfast and lunch, with the menu messily scribbled on the walls, it feels like you just discovered grandma’s flavorful secret café. Every single item on Sqirl’s menu, including coffee, juices and jams is actually homemade, mostly in front of your eyes if you dare to venture near the kitchen counter. That’s why there’s no mystery as to why each dish is heartwarming and mouthwatering. It’s completely unfair to name only a few items, since the whole menu is fantastic. But if you’re craving a few pointers, you shouldn’t miss the French Toast, the Big Tot, the Hash and the Sorrel Pesto Rice. The menu is definitely online, but keep your eyes open because there’s daily specials every time you visit and they are a one-time chance! 


Prepare your bellies, it’s time to venture out and transform your next Sunday into a mini trip by traveling around town looking for your most favorite brunch spots! Comment bellow and tell us which spot you would pick if you could only choose one.

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