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Korean Lip Tints You Need To Check Out

Korean Lip Tints You Need To Check Out

Lip tints are making their way into the mainstream beauty market. They last longer than lipsticks (when applied properly) can give you a more natural look, do not feel as heavy and feel good on your lips. Ever since I tried out lip tints last year, I have been hooked and only wear lipsticks for special occasions such as a small dinner party or an event where I need to get seriously dressed up. Even then, I love using my lip tints because they last a long time and look just as good as my lipsticks.

I’ve come up with some of my favorite lip tints available right now, here are some of my favorites I think you should check out!

Labiotte – Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint

This is one of my favorite lip tints ever. Seriously. The packaging alone made me want to buy them all, and the first time I ever put it on, my life was seriously changed forever. It has a nice small applicator that allows for even distribution, and can be used to perfectly stay in your lip shape. You can apply multiple layers to get a darker look, or go for one layer to give your lips a softer, more natural look. That is totally up to you.

For deeper and darker colors, I love doing two or three layers to make my lips bold and stand out. For more natural colors, I usually only do one layer to keep the natural look. These also have a good taste, so when it gets in your mouth, which is going to happen, it’s actually a little enjoyable! One thing I noticed you have to do to ensure even color and coverage, is let it dry before putting your lips together or applying chapstick. It will smear easily if it’s still wet. Besides that this is an amazing lip tint and one of my favorite lip tints on the market.

Korean Lip Tints You Need To Check Out

Etude House – Dear Darling Tint

This is one of the lip tints that also has super cute packaging that made me want to buy them all! They look like mini popsicles, taste like popsicles (they taste good when it gets in your mouth) and offer a great variety of colors! For me personally, I felt you always needed to do more than one layer for this tint. It barely shows up if you apply one layer. It does go on smoothly and feels nice on your lips, but that is one tip if you want to actually see color!

Korean Lip Tints You Need To Check Out

Berrisom – Oops My Lip Tint

My favorite peel lip tint. The color on these lip tints are amazing. And they last for so many hours, the longest I have gone with this lip tint is 17 hours, and that was after eating 2 meals and drinking lots of drinks. If you are a fan of peeling stuff off things, this lip tin was made for you. I know some aren’t fans of that, so they would pass on this lip tint, but it feels and looks so cool!

You apply the tint to both lips, let it sit and harden for 7-10 minutes, then peel it off. The results are amazing. It feels like nothing is on your lips! Some of them taste bad, but some taste great. It depends on the color you get! I recommend letting it dry with your lips open, because if you close your lips, an odd looking line will appear where you closed your lips because it didn’t get proper drying time, or at least from my experiences that’s the case. It looks and feels awkward, but totally worth even coverage.

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Korean Lip Tints You Need To Check Out

Etude House – Dear Darling Water Tint

The first water tint of the list! I personally am not the biggest fan of water lip tints, but all my other friends love them. They go on smoothly, feel like nothing is there, look great and offer a wide selection. I personally am not a big fan of them because I feel they don’t last as long and don’t have as great color as traditional lip tints. If you prefer subtle and more natural looks, this lip tint and all other water lip tints are for you!

Etude House – Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

Another water lip tint, but this is specifically a water gel tint! Which means it has the consistency of water when applied and when in the container, but when it’s on your lips will look shiny and like gel. I have never personally tried out these lip tints, but they look effective! Etude House always has the cutest packaging and I appreciate the effort they put into that. You should reapply these lip tints after eating, but that is totally up to you. They also offer a wide variety of colors, so I think you should check them out! 

TONYMOLY – Liptone Get It Tint

TONYMOLY is a great brand and their products never fail to amaze me. This is one of those lip tints I had high expectations for, and yes, they met my expectations. It applies smoothly, the pigmentation is amazing and it feels good on my lips. It never feels like my lips are drying out and doesn’t feel uncomfortable either. It’s a more pricey brand, but is totally worth the price. You should definitely check these lip tints out!

Lip tints are a wonderful and amazing alternative to lipsticks or lip glosses. I love lip tints because they usually last through one or two meals, offer a wide variety of colors, do not feel super heavy on my lips, allow me to lick my lips and eat in peace and do not dry my lips out! I can apply chapstick over it without worrying about it fading off, and I love them so much. You should check out all of these lip tints! Let us know in the comments below what lip tints you have tried out and what lip tints you suggest others check out!

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