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10 Knitting Patterns To Try Out If You Love To Knit

10 Knitting Patterns To Try Out If You Love To Knit

I never really knew how awesome knitting was until I decided to learn, and once you learn how to knit the basic way, you can learn all different kinds of knitting patterns. Knitting is like all those other kinds of art projects that soothe and relieve stress. Working with your hands at a repetitive movement can help you kind of zone out and not think about all of your other troubles. 

So, if you are a huge fan of knitting like me, you are probably looking for different knitting patterns to try out all of the time. With fall coming up, it is the perfect time to get your knitting on and prepare for the cool weather. Knitting is the perfect on the go project as many of the smaller knitting patterns you can take with you on trips and even to the office if you have breaks. And many of the knitting patterns you can download for a small charge or some even for free!

Here are ten beautiful knitting patterns to try out when you need some time to fill.


1. Avery Scarf

Scarves are the main fall accessory, and also a very popular first creation when learning how to knit. Knitting patterns for scarves are numerous and this one is a great scarf to try out for those who have begun knitting in the intermediate levels. 

This is a loop scarf that features knit and purl stitches. Wear this scarf as a single long loop or doubled up as a cowl. It is the perfect look and color to match with many fall outfits! Here is the link to the knitting pattern. 


2. Yukon River Stockings

Stockings are not only a necessity in the colder weather, but they are also a really cute accessory when wearing shorter skirts and dresses. Find great stocking knitting patterns isn’t hard, and this knitting pattern creates the perfect stockings to wear all of the time! 

You’ll work this knitting in the round starting from the toe up. These stockings are thick and have beautiful cables that run along the front. Because of the thicker yarn, you will for sure stay extra warm and cozy while wearing them. Here is the link to the knitting pattern. 


3. Prism Hat

Hats are among the classic knitting patterns and this prism hat is the perfect hat to make as a gift for a friend or family member, or just for yourself if you need a good fall hat. You will need to use the round knit. This prism hat features an allover pattern of diagonal cables and lace. 

The pattern site, linked here, gives you the option between this knitting pattern for the close-fitting, single brim hat, or a knitting pattern that features a more baggy beanie, a deep folded brim, and topped with a jaunty pom-pom.


4. Simply Shawl

There are some really beautiful shawl knitting patterns out there, and this one is probably my favorite. The calming grey tones are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. This shawl pattern is very intricate and the shape of the shawl adds a lovely aspect to any outfit. 

Though this knitting pattern looks difficult, the pattern site actually shows that this is a pattern for beginners, that is why it is called the Simply Shawl. The yarn that the pattern calls for is super soft which is exactly what you need for the cool weather. Here is the link to the pattern. 


5. Astor Sweater

The great thing about knitting patterns is you can find a lot of them for free, just like this one! This gorgeous sweater knitting pattern is perfect for the upcoming fall season. The yarn is heavier so you can stay warm, but it is a loose sweater so you don’t feel so restricted. 

Make sure to get a soft yarn, you just don’t want an itchy yarn that irritates your skin. The sleeves on this sweater go to about mid-arm, but I am sure you can continue the pattern down further if you are looking for long sleeves. Here is the link to the free knitting pattern!


6. Ease Sweatshirt 

Nothing is better than a super comfy sweatshirt in the fall. So, of course, I am going to add a sweatshirt knitting pattern. This knitting pattern calls for worsted yarn weight and the site recommends using size US 6 needles. 

This sweatshirt is soft and the tight knit at the bottom brings the sweatshirt in close to the body to give the sweatshirt a tighter look overall. If you are looking for a more bulky look, the site, linked here, also gives information on where to find this knitting pattern but in a bulky style. 


7. Fall Sweater

If you decide to find knitting patterns for sweaters, make sure you are getting soft yarn because itchy clothing is the worst! You are in luck, however, with this super cute knitting pattern that ends up creating the perfect fall sweater. 

They give you two yarn options to have a more fall look like this sweater with brown and yellow, or you can choose a sweater with a blue and yellow that might be more fitting for winter. Your yarn weight is going to be super bulky to get that chunky sweater look and you will need to use size US 15 or US 17 needles. 

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Here is the link to this beautiful sweater pattern. 

8. Mitered Corner Blanket

Knitting patterns are so amazing and beautiful, just like this one. You can go with the yarn that the link recommends or you find some yarn that you like more. This particular yarn makes such a beautiful ombre effect on the blanket. 


The pattern gives you the option to create a small throw or a larger one. You’ll be using US 6 size straight or round needles. If you do plan on going with the yarn they recommend, they show you how to create a throw with warm colors such as the one in the photo below or with cold colors like blues and purples. Here is the link to the pattern and information. 

9. Knit Linen Market Bag

With stores starting to ban plastic bag use, knitting patterns like this are going to come in handy! It is elegant but sturdy. Make sure to find yarn, if you don’t use the recommended one, that can go into the washing machine so that in case of any spills, it is easily washable.  


To start off, you’re going to knit the bottom of the bag with a stockinette stitch and make a rectangle. Then, you’ll start to knit the sides in the round following a simple two-round lace pattern. Finish the bag off with an I-Cord edge and straps. Make a couple of these for your next grocery run. Here is the link to the pattern, materials, and tools. 

10. Stornoway Throw 

This beautiful throw knitting pattern is made by the alternating garter and stockinette stitch. The yarn used is worsted weight yarn and the border is a beautiful cable knot edge. Knitting patterns like this are a little tricky to get the hang of at first, but with some practice and patience, you will sure to have this down. 


Not only will this knitting project give you a lot of time to sit and relax while you let your hands work, but you get a beautiful throw out of it that you can keep pass down to future generations. So, cozy up on the couch and get to knitting! Here is the link to the knitting pattern and material you’ll need. 

These ten knitting patterns are perfect for those knitting-lovers out there. The designs will also be perfect for the upcoming fall season! What are some of your favorite knitting patterns? Tell us in the comments below.  

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