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15 Knit Maxi Dresses You Can Wear To Work All Summer Long

When it comes time to finding work-wear for the summer, automatically most have a challenge on their hands and one question on their mind: “How can I still look professional and put together while not melting in this insane heat?” Well, maybe you don’t think like I do, but the need to look put together for work but feel cool is clear. Fret no more because with this list of 15 knit maxi dresses that are office qualified you will be able to find something you like that will keep the heat at bay. Plus, a lot of these dresses have pockets. What’s not to love about that?

1. Heather Grey:

For a classic light knit dress that’ll soon become your go-to work dress on sweltering days, go with a Heather grey look. This knit dress will keep you looking cool and professional. Is there really any better combo than that? When it comes to hot summer workdays, I don’t think so.

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2.  Basic Striped:

A basic striped dress is always a staple that everyone should have in their work wardrobe. You could go for a more nautical, blue and white striped look that will fit right in with summer. You could also do the classic black and white stripe that’ll remind you that you’ve been dying to go to France, all while sitting at your desk.

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3. Black Floral:

Floral always goes with summer, and black always goes with everything. So, what would make the perfect summertime work dress? A black floral maxi dress, of course! You’ll look super professional for work, plus the difference between the dark, black color and the bright, floral print would create an amazing contrast on the fabric and look amazing.

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4. Light Blue:

A light blue maxi dress would be great for all of your need to do summer activities, including work. The color is synonymous with the season and will remind you of the soft summer sky as you’re going through your day. A light material or knit fabric is also a must for this dress as you will look like complete summer vibes and feel as cool as the summer breeze.

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5. Olive Green:

Olive green is definitely a year-round color. I see it in the winter and fall in coats and jackets and then I see it in tank tops and cute maxi dresses in the summer. Pair this dress with the right studded sandals and bracelets and you will have the perfect olive green summertime work look.

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6. Plain Black:

A black dress should be in your work wardrobe. Or just in your closet, period. The black maxi dress is, of course, a classic style that could be worn for numerous occasions not just work. It’s a style that will keep you looking professional all day and then you’re automatically ready for date night when the clock strikes five. To put it simply, it’s a must-have.

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7. Red:

Red is another color that will be “in” forever and can span all of the seasons. At least in my world, it’s that versatile, anyway. You’ll also look sharp and prepared for anything just based on the color you’re wearing, so definitely go ahead and wear this dress to work.

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8. Rainbow Striped:

For a colorful take on the classic striped maxi dress look, rainbow colors are a great way to go. With this dress, you will bring the nostalgic summer feeling into the office, which your co-workers will thank you for. After they all compliment you on how amazing you look of course.

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9. Vertical Striped:

A pattern that is very popular for this summer season is the vertical stripe. At least I’ve seen it all over Instagram and Pinterest when it comes to maxi dresses. There are, of course, many different colors but stick with a classic like black and white or blue and white to look completely pulled together for work. Like every other dress on this list, the loose structure’s job is to keep you cool and this dress will still deliver on that promise.

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10. Cold Shoulder:

If it is one of those days where is just too hot, like the thought of even stepping outside makes you cringe, then try the cold shoulder style maxi dress. You’ll be even cooler and breezy for your long workday (As sad as it is you can’t call in sick just because it’s too hot outside) and this dress would also look amazing after hours for a night on the town or a dinner date with Bae.

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11. White:

For another light and breezy look that will keep you cool this summer, go with the most summer shade out there. A white maxi dress is the best for a super hot day simply because the light knit fabric and color will do their best to keep you feeling cool. So if you have a long day of work and then a long evening of outdoor activities right after, go with a white maxi dress. It’s the best choice.

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12. Pink:

This soft knit maxi dress would is perfect for your busy day of work. It’ll keep you looking cool and fabulous and the soft, pink color would also look amazing for a nighttime walk along the beach. Plus, the off the shoulder top will keep you feeling cool all day long.

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13. Pop of color:

A maxi dress with bright, vibrant colors is always a great look for the summer. This is another dress that could pull major double duty as it’s professional enough for the office but is comfortable enough to go for stroll in the park or art museum in. The pattern of numerous rich colors also makes you look like you would shine in an art museum. If that isn’t the utmost compliment for a dress I don’t know what is.

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14. Bright Floral:

For a look the summer flowers themselves will be envious of, go for a maxi dress with a bright floral print. You can never go wrong with a floral print and since bright colors are always associated with summer, you will look completely in place and on point.

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15. Golden Orange:

For a color that goes with the season and will give you the look of summer’s warm glow, go with a golden orange color. It will give you the feeling of the sun’s warm aura that will brighten up any office or workplace. Plus, this is another summer color that will transition perfectly into fall.

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Which of these knit maxi dresses are you excited to try? Are there any other styles of maxi dresses that you always turn to when you need to keep yourself cool? Let me know in the comments below!

Rebecca Malachowski

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