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20 Kitchen Items Under $20 You Need In Your Dorm Room

20 Kitchen Items Under $20 You Need In Your Dorm Room


So the college applications are in, the acceptance letters are received, and you’ve finally made your final decision. Some may say the hardest part is over-little do they know that you have yet to begin your shopping. Between color coordinating with your roommate, finding the perfect lights to hang, and figuring which clothes to bring; it’s easy to forget about the little essentials. Kitchen appliances are the last thing on every college students mind, yet it will make a difference when is 2 a.m and you have nothing to cook your ramen in. These 20 kitchen items are essential to your college experience, but also not too expensive either.

1. Plates And Bowls Are A Must.

These may seem obvious, yet you’d be surprised how many people forget to pack them. When purchasing these dishes, it’s best to go plastic over glass because college is messy and glass will break. Also make sure the dishes are microwaveable safe, otherwise you’ll have ramen with a nice side of melted plastic.



2. A Can Opener Will Come In Handy When You Least Expect.

This may seem unnecessary until your trying to open your Chef Boyardee with a butter knife.

3. A Set Of Utensils.

Plastic or silver, no difference. Make sure to coordinate with your roommates on who is bringing what, otherwise you’ll end up with 40 containers of forks.



4. A Cookie Sheet.

Useless throughout the semester until finals week comes around and your craving a nice batch of freshly baked cookies to ease your anxiety and pain.


5. Measuring Cups Are A Good Idea.

Great for when you and your roommates have a spontaneous cooking session! And guesstimating is usually not a good idea if you’re still new to the whole cooking/baking thing.



6. Pots and Pans.

Every college student learns to love ramen and grilled cheese; these are essential to becoming a true college student and you will definitely want your own pan after your go into your dorm kitchen common area and see how gross the shared pots and pans are.



7. You Will Need Knives.

It may seem a bit odd, but it’s super handy in the weirdest situations. Especially helpful when it comes to fruit!

8. A Corkscrew Is A Must.

Wine Wednesdays are the best! Don’t forget one of these or you’ll be opening your wine bottle with a pen cap, or worse, watching YouTube tutorials that show you how to open it with a shoe.



9. Tupperware Will Be Your Best Friend.

Pretty useful for when you’re sneaking food out of the dining hall. Also perfect for packing lunches and snacks on the go when you know you’re going to be busy all day!


10. A K-Cup Drawer.

For all those avid coffee drinkers, this is a must-have to ensure you don’t lose any of those precious K-cups!



11. Wine Glasses, Obviously.

Three papers and two exams later you’ll be thanking me!



12. A Quality Resuable Water Bottle.

For all the times you’re going to “go to the gym”, it’s still nice to keep a water bottle around.


13. Shot Glasses (Sorry, Mom.)

Don’t forget your limes! These are a must when you’re pregaming with friends in that tiny dorm and don’t want to all sip from the same bottle!



14. A Single Serve Blender.

You think you’re going to be healthy in college and make smoothies, but in reality it will only be used when you make mixed drinks, nonetheless, it’s the thought that counts.




15. A Pizza Cutter.

Okay, this will come in handy more than you think. There’s a big difference between knives and pizza cutters when you’re actually trying to slice a pizza. Definitely necessary for the nights you and your roommate decide to make frozen pizza and you’re sitting there with a butter knife trying to cut it.


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16. At Least One Spatula.

Super useful for making grilled cheeses and eggs! An ordinary fork just won’t cut it this time.



17. Tumbler Cups.

Perfect for water, coffee, or your Friday night mix! And let’s be real, you can never have too many of these with those super relatable quotes.


18. Mixing Bowls.

Perfect size for mixing brownie batter or holding fruit in the fridge. These will totally assist with keeping that dorm room fridge looking organized and clean (hopefully.)



19. Travel Mugs For That Second Cup Of Coffee.

A necessity for those cold winter mornings when you need a cup of coffee to go.



20. Cute College Mugs.

A Pre-8 am neccessity! Just make sure you’re stocked up with coffee to put in there!


Do you know of any other essentials kitchen items that you need for your dorm? Share in the comments below!


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