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10 Must-have Kitchen Essentials You Need In Your Life

There are some definite must-have kitchen essentials every person should have in their kitchen today. These items are guaranteed to make your kitchen living and cooking easier. You will have a more beautiful, hands-free, and organized kitchen environment with all some top essentials of healthy, happy home living. Here are some must-have kitchen essentials you need in your life for an efficient, clean, and appealing kitchen you will enjoy having and working in.

1. Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill

Sear, sizzle and crisp — and enjoy trying new, tasty recipes! With the Ninja Foodi indoor grill from HSN, you can experiment, and you’ll love your new creations. Unique Cyclonic Grilling Technology rapidly circulates 500-degree air around your food for amazing Surround Searing, while the 500-degree high-density grill grate gives you delicious char-grilled marks and flavor, virtually smoke-free! It’s also a 4-quart air fry crisper, allowing you to enjoy fried food, guilt-free!

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2. Strainer

When it comes to draining various dishes and separating ingredients during an entree or meal-cooking process, a strainer is a must-have kitchen essential. I have experienced the unreasonable difficulty of trying to hold a hot, heavy saucepan with oven mitts while also precisely holding the lid a little off its center to attempt to drain the liquid out of a small slit all while the steam is rising up at you. It usually doesn’t end well, and if you’re lucky you still made your cooking process unnecessarily arduous and unsafe. 

A strainer will save you every time and provide a safer environment. You need only focus on pouring your lidless pan out onto the strainer and enjoying a cleaner, more precise end result.

3. Oil Dispensers

With the number of uses and recipes which can call for olive oil and balsamic vinegar, oil dispensers are definitely a nice thing to have. I have also found them to be an engaging, decorative piece or set for your countertop. The uses for them in side dishes, snacks, and in main meals are truly limitless and the health benefits of vinegar and oil are also worth mentioning. Vitamin C, antioxidants, a stronger immune system, a reduced cholesterol, and less saturated fat are all aspects you can enjoy from having these products not only available but handy.

4. Drawer Dividers

As far as kitchen organization, nothing is more of a must-have kitchen essential that drawer organizers and dividers. A system for division in your drawers can help keep you not only organized but more efficient. No more searching for what you’re looking for during your household and kitchen tasks, everything is in its proper place. I have also found that a division system necessitates that you have less bulk to make space for it, reducing your clutter, but also forces you to fit an item to a category and space or consider how essential it is to your kitchen.

5. Can opener

There are very few recipes I have ever experienced which do not at one point or another require a canned item. Canned items are also more preservable and storage friendly, making them a highly desirable item for you to have and cook with. A great deal of cans also do not have a pull-tab, further requiring a can opener. There are hand crank options as well as stationary can opening machines you can consider, but a can opener itself is a definite must-have kitchen essential.

6. Cutting Boards

A cutting board or boards are also largely required at one point or another in your cooking and dining experiences. They make cutting more safe as well as easier. Not to mention if you are doing necessary cutting on anything else, you can harm the surface you’re cutting on, leaving unwanted permanent marks. There are a lot of pretty options I have also seen, making cutting boards also a decorative option for livening up your kitchen space. Hosting also often necessitates a cutting board in slicing and serving things such as bread and vegetables at table.


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7. Knife set

Sharp, dependable knives really have no substitute and are a must-have kitchen essential for the numerous uses of meat and entree cutting, vegetable slicing, as well as to provide a safe, more impressive dining experience with guests. A knife set can also be decorative and chosen for beauty and impression as well as it is quality. A knife sharpener can also be reasonably essential for regular knife dullness and for the safety reasons of not working with a dull knife. Other knives are less safe and dependable for many large purposes.


8. Large Saucepan

When you are able, I highly recommend cooking meals in bulk. It is one of the least expensive ways to have fresh, more healthy meals at home. You will end up with more meals, which can also be easily stored and frozen for future use. When you are able to cook in bulk, a kitchen essential is a large saucepan which can adequately hold your meal as it’s being prepared. There will be less mess and more bulk meal possibilities and potential.

9. Oven mitts

As far as safety is concerned, oven mitts are a top must-have. When you are putting in and removing items from the oven, nothing less than mitts can fully encompass what your hands can do. They are more safe than any other hand covering as they are designed for the job in their extra padding. They also often come with slip grips so you also don’t have to worry about dropping a pan, meaning more kitchen safety, less mess, and no ruined meal.

10. Kitchen Greenery

For all the vegetables, herbs, and spices a lot of meals call for, and for all the flavor they can bring to a dish, kitchen greenery is a kitchen essential. This includes a top kitchen hack I recommend which is to have green onion in a jar or container with water. The green onion will continue to grow, and you can have a lifetime supply, cutting off amounts when you need some. Herb plants can also be very useful in this way by continuing to grow and being readily available when you need some. These kitchen greeneries provide lifetime supplies, interest, and beauty.

When you are deciding on must-have kitchen essentials, consider these ten options. They provide efficiency, safety, beauty, and interest to your living space and kitchen work. What things do you consider must-have kitchen essentials you need in your life and what did you think of these suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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