6 Kinds Of Travel Bags You Should Take When Traveling

I love to travel and, frankly, I actually get enjoyment out of packing (i.e. finding just the right things to bring, the right bags to haul all of my things, and pack everything so perfectly). It’s a problem, I know. However, it gives me a good excuse to write this article and share with you some of the different kinds of bags I use when I travel, in hopes that, for far those of you that are exhausted by just the thought of packing, this will make your packing a little easier.

1. Travel Documents Wallet

Okay, okay. This one’s not necessarily a bag but it is my absolute go-to when it comes to carrying my absolute travel essentials: cash, credit/debit cars, passport, etc. I often put this bag in my ‘personal item’ carry-on so that I can grab it at a moment’s notice.

I really love Everlane’s The Traveler Wallet in Bone as well as Love & Lore’s Foldover Travel Wallet in Pop Geo. What I love about the latter travel wallet is the different categories — ‘Luggage Tix,’ ‘Cards,’ ‘Travel Docs,’ and ‘Currency’ — are placed strategically along the edges of the wallet to show you where each item should go. You can see the lettering subtly in the photo below. It keeps things extra organized.

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*6 Kinds Of Travel Bags You Should Take When Traveling*6 Kinds Of Travel Bags You Should Take When Traveling

2. Backpack

Depending on where I’m going, I’ll either carry a backpack or a smaller tote as my personal item carry-on on the plane. For longer trips I typically take a backpack alongside my hardshell carry-on because it allows me to maximize space and usually lessen the weight of my checked baggage.

Whether you’re packing up everything to go to college across the country and need to keep your laptop safe, or you just want to look chic while traveling a new city, Matt & Nat’s Colton Flap Over Backpack in Stone (pictured below) is your trusty companion. Equipped with a 13″ padded laptop pocket and several more pockets tucked into the lining for your convenience, a backpack like this is a must have for traveling.

Bonus: The Colton backpack is 30% off right now!

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*6 Kinds Of Travel Bags You Should Take When Traveling3. Crossbody

My other go-to personal item is a crossbody. My tried and true loyal companion over the last several years had been a slightly rounded crossbody that allowed me to carry more than I expected I could in one small bag. The shape of my bag sort of resembles this Liv Boxy Crossbody Bag from Matt & Nat (pictured below).

I stuffed so much into my rounded bag over its time, especially when I needed to distribute items from my checked baggage into my carry-ons to lighten the load. It did wonders for me when I was traveling. There’s currently a wire poking out of the bottom of the bag, so it’s been sidelined since I can fix it (no way am I parting with this bag just yet!).

This bag is also on sale right now, currently 40% off the regular price!

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*6 Kinds Of Travel Bags You Should Take When Traveling

4. Close Crossbody

Now, I say close crossbody because what I really mean is fanny pack of sorts but couldn’t find one that quite resembled exactly what I wanted. This Form Mini bag from Everlane is as close as it gets because it will allow you to carry a good amount in your bag, you can keep it close to you, especially when you’re traveling different cities, and keeps your hands free! The colour of this particular bag is also absolutely divine.

An incredibly versatile travel bag option, you can adjust the straps to fit like a traditional crossbody, tighten then so that the bag nestles underneath your arm, or remove the strap altogether and wear it like a clutch. The model in the photo chose the second option, which I think is my favourite way to wear a bag like this. It was practically made for traveling.

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*6 Kinds Of Travel Bags You Should Take When Traveling

5. Hard Shell Carry-On

I couldn’t write an article about travel bags without mentioning the absolute favourite and arguably most famous hardshell carry-on to date and the one practically every blogger and influencer owns: the Away carry-on. It comes in two sizes — The Carry-On and The Bigger Carry-On — and is a wonderful travel bag for your short and long distance trips.

I remember the day I made the switch from a soft to hard shell carry-on and, wow, did it ever make a difference. I didn’t have to worry about my belongings being damaged and I could maximize the space I had while also staying within the confines of the case (and not making it bulge I couldn’t close it!).

The Away carry-on comes with a hefty price tag, but if you want a piece that will last you, especially if you travel a lot, consider this a wise investment.

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*6 Kinds Of Travel Bags You Should Take When Traveling

6. Weekender

The perfect bag for weekend travel or short distance travel, weekender bags like Sole Society’s Lacie Faux Leather Duffle Bag will help you carry everything you need without worry. The colour is effortlessly classy and made of durable material, all the things you want in a travel bag, amirite? It comes with an optional adjustable strap so you can carry it on your shoulder, or sans strap in your hand.

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*6 Kinds Of Travel Bags You Should Take When Traveling

Which travel bags do you want on your next travel destinations? Are there certain kinds of bags I missed in my list? Share below!

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