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Here Are 10 Kinds Of Boys You Dated Throughout College

Here Are 10 Kinds Of Boys You Dated Throughout College

Here Are 10 Kinds Of Boys You Dated Throughout College

Let’s be honest, there are many different kinds of people. Engaging in new relationships is a fantastic way to figure out what you’re interested in, especially in college. Whether or not these decisions turned out for the best, or actually worked out, you can certainly look back on the memories, either for a good laugh or fondly.

1. The Comp-Sci Major

Sure, he seems like a perfectly nice guy at first. You find yourself wondering why he comes off as so charismatic and not at all what you would expect from a comp-sci major. The reason you break up? He’s a total freak in bed. Huh. It seems like weird fetishes really do favor the repressed, indoors-y types.

Here Are 10 Kinds Of Boys You Dated Throughout College

2. Frat (That’s his personality)

Fraternities aren’t all bad, a lot of the nice and funny guys you know are in fraternities. But come on, we all know THAT guy. He wears tank tops and a backwards baseball cap to every class he attends. All he can talk about is his shoes or that party he blacked out at last weekend. To someone interested in men, it gets well, boring. When you’re drunk it’s kind of cool that he knows how to crush a can of beer against his head. Still won’t excuse all the disappointing sex you’ll be having.

Here Are 10 Kinds Of Boys You Dated Throughout College

3. Frat (But he’s actually cool)

Like I said before, some guys in frats are really cool dudes. This guy is hot, sweet, and he takes care of his dog with more care than I’ve seen a mother grant her newborn child. Sure his favorite show is The Office, but what’s a little bit of mundanity when he agrees to watch Pretty Little Liars and his entire family dishes out enough hospitality to make you feel at home?

4. The Outdoor Enthusiast

This guy rents out canoes to eager Sophomores on the weekends. His dad used to take him camping as a kid, and now he’s determined to take you too. He’s cute, talkative, and wants to grow a beard so that he can ‘see what it looks like, maybe’. Just make sure you don’t start dating him solely because the treadmills at the gym have begun looking appealing again. That morning routine is going to die the second you show up for your third 9 A.M. class.

Here Are 10 Kinds Of Boys You Dated Throughout College

5. The Liberal Boy

You like to think that your friends are open-minded, but this dude takes the cake. It doesn’t matter how much you keep up on politics because this boyfriend of yours will keep up on it for you. When he isn’t sending you links to local news websites, he’s discussing policy after policy. The parties you go to with him consist of a happy-go-lucky group of diverse people and pot. So much pot.

6. The Poli-Sci Major

It’s inevitable. The second you start dating him, you picture him as the mayor and begin fearing for his reputation in case a rival dug up your old Facebook posts. Staying neutral enough to succeed as a politician has become nigh impossible in a world that encourages mud-slinging and cancel culture. The possibility that your boyfriend might succeed beyond your wildest dreams and become the president is a fear in the dark recesses of your mind.  Breaking up with him is still sad, but it feels like dodging a bullet in a distant sort of way.

Here Are 10 Kinds Of Boys You Dated Throughout College

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7. The English Major

Texting has never been such a stressful event as much as when one of the boys you dated was an English major. Your grammar is impertinent, your punctuation exemplary, and you’re frustrated with yourself when you have to Google words you don’t know in his texts. He talks about books nonstop and you wonder where he finds the time to read. In the end, he types in a lazy-fashion because he knows the rules well enough to break them and you wonder why you even bothered trying in the first place.

8. The Spanish/French/Japanese Minor

Let it be known that the stereotype that accents are sexy is here on justified in it’s entirety. All of these languages are fluid enough in their sounds that it’s nice to hear the first 50 or so times you don’t understand what your boyfriend is saying. You learn a few words or phrases in whatever language he’s studying, but probably nothing more. It’s cool to pretend that whatever he’s saying to you in Spanish is romantic, but it’s more likely that he’s just murmuring to you a question about directions to the library.

9. The Good Ole Country Boy

And let it be known we’re not talking “Old Town Road” country, this boy grew up on a farm. His voice has a nice sort of drawl to it, and he speaks slow in a way that calms your heart like a wild stallion. Sometimes he actually wears cowboy boots. If this blue jean and flannel wearing cowhand takes a gentle hold of your heart, there’s no shame. Sadly if you plan on living in a city someday then it’s probably short-term.

Here Are 10 Kinds Of Boys You Dated Throughout College

10. Your best friend.

What with the initial scramble to find “the one”,  it’s easy to forget that the most compatible people near and dear to your heart might already be hanging around your doorstep. Dating friends is messy and can lead to awkward group dynamics, but your partner should be one of your best friends, which makes this next step logical all things considered. This one might actually be a keeper. Keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of that engagement ring.

What do you think, do certain majors have it bad when it comes to dating? Let us know below!

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